Let's COZY PROOF Our Homes

It's hard to believe that another Canadian winter is rapidly approaching.  I don't knnow about you, but I am already counting down the days until the arrival of Spring.  BUT, that is a few months away, so I decided to get busy and start to embrace the days ahead in this great place we call the City of Kawartha Lakes.  

First, I neatly packed up all my summer and fall home decor items, and carefully stored them.  As I did that I realized I was smiling.  I guess those items brought back the memory of the great times spent with family and friends.  Hey, I am already feeling better about those winter days ahead, and looking forward to bringing those seasonal treasuers back out in a few short months. Cheers!!!



Then, as I sat and enjoyed a glass of my favourite white wine, I told myself that my living room and dining room needed to be re-arranged.  I just wasn't happy with the way the room flowed, so I finished my glass of wine, turned up the tunes, and got to work.  It wasn't long before the room was transformed into a whole new space, simply by re-arranging furniture and wall hangings.  The living room was the bigger of the 2 spaces, but we really didn't use it much as we have a lower level family room that meets our needs.  So I simply reversed the role of the space, and the outcome was pleasing to me.   My dining room table now sits in front of the fireplace, and we have lots of space when hosting family ad friends.  The living room is still large enough to support cozy conversation areas, and still be able to enjoy the fireplace.  I brought out my winter throw rugs, bought a couple of nice big live house plants to add life to the room,  added a few celery green throw cushions to the sofa, replaced all my  candles in shades of celery green, and poured another glass of wine.   As I sat to evaluate how my project had come together, I realized just how much I loved the celery green colour.  Knowing that, I then decided to add 2 light coloured celery green upholstered chairs at each end of the dining room table and layered celery green draperies to the living and dining room windows, and poured another glass of wine.  Wow!  What a delightful change it was.  Things just seem to fit better and the furniture placement was visually more inviting.  I placed family photos and personal items, and found myself smiling once again.  The space felt welcoming, the colour gave the space life, and it feels like HOME when I enter the space.  Once again, I realized I was smiling, feeling cozy and relaxed.  Mission Accomplished!!!  Then I poured another glass of wine and lit the candles.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!


So, we all need to realize that making changes to our homes is a very uplifting experience.  CHANGE BRINGS POSITIVE ENERGY TO A HOME at any time.  Especially at a change of season.  So take some time, re-evaluate how you live in your home, and make changes to get the highest and best use from you home.  Ask yourself 3 simple questions;

-How do I currently use this space?

-How much do I use this space?

-Would I get more or better use of this space by switching it up?

Be honest with yourself, and you will be both surprised and inspired.  A lot of times, we simply LIVE in our home. We don't really put much thought into HOW  we live in our home. It is important that we spend some time understanding how we enjoy our home, and then once you know that, the alternatives are endless.  Get those creative juices flowing and you will amaze yourself with the outcome.  I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!




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