Scuba Diving in the Kawarthas

Ever think there is good diving in  the Kawarthas? Some of the most beautiful underwater scenery can be found in our rivers and lakes right here in the Kawartha Lakes.

Balsam Lake has depths to 49 ft, Sturgeon Lake 55ft, Cameron Lake 49 ft. and if you are up to a challenge, just south of Fenelon Falls in the river is a huge hole 67 ft deep with an old railroad boxcar in it.

Kirkfield Quarry is a good spot for beginners with lot's of cool stuff to find and easy to navigate. There is a small plane, a couple of cars, and some interesting statues to say the least.

If you want treasures that  our cottage country travellers have left behind, try the river into Cameron lake, just downstream of the locks. 

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