Sensational Sturgeon Point

Another Summer is being enjoyed at Sturgeon Point, as I tap the keys on my computer.  Many summers have been enjoyed in years gone by.  Since 1881, when the first summer residences were built, many have had the opportunity to experience life on Sturgeon Lake and at Sturgeon Point.  The first sailing regatta was held in 1841, and today, it is not unusal to see the sparkling waters of Sturgeon Lake spotted with white sails.  Sturgeon Point has beccome a largely summer-cottage and full time residence area.  Descendants of the first cottagers now span 5 or 6 generations.  That fact alone is pretty remarkable. 


Sturgeon Point is truly a Jewel for the residents of the small community.  Many a Sunday gathering and picnic have been shared with friends and family.  Time may pass, but the true love of Sturgeon Point is timeless. Located in the heart of cottage country, in the City of Kawartha Lakes, prime waterfront, swimming, fishing, boating, and many other activites are at your front door.  A true Jewel for our area.