Spectacular Christmas Light Show

My family purchased a cottage this past fall and we have watched in awe as the neighbour Clinton Farndon assemble this amazing tribute to his mother - Linda who passed away just days before Christmas in 2004, from complications with Aplastic  Anemia.

In 2007 Clint decided  to honour  Lindsa's favorite holiday and a promise he had made to her (to replace the weather beaten Christmas lights on the Beach Road home), in a big way. His display has grown over the years from 5,000 lights to an impressive 12,000 lights and 75 props and figures that dance to the beat of pre-programmed music. It has taken about 60 hours to create this years display, and 2 days to sequence one song, which can be heard by dialling 87.7 FM on the car radio.


The display also recognizes Aplastic Anemia Week which runs December 1st - 7th. To learn more about Clint's story visit his page at FirstGiving www.firstgiving.com/fundriser/clinton-farndon/lindaschristmaswish

So if you have a chance I suggest to drop by 32 Beach Road, Little Britain (Sand Bar Road, South of Elm Tree Road), you will not be disappointed.

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