Sturgeon Point on a Sunny Early Spring Day!

 Yesterday, Johnnie and I decided it would be a terrible waste if we didn't get out to enjoy such a beautiful day. We took a long, leisurely walk in the sunshine...
then jumped in the truck and drove up to Sturgeon Point, one of the loveliest waterfront communities in Canada, found right here in the City of Kawartha Lakes!

It was a perfect day! I have wanted to write something about this exceptionally beautiful and historic community since John introduced me to this treasured gem of the Kawartha Lakes a couple of years ago. I was able to whet not only my pencil, but my creativity as we looked around, exploring, taking pictures and find out more about the area.

The obvious facts can be found with a simple Google search. Round Church, Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club, Sturgeon Point Golf Course... but I wanted a feel for the community... and not smack in the middle of the summer because quite frankly, most cottage communities can be real estate temptresses when adorning the fauna's glorious green gowns, and the lakes are decorated in dawn to dusk diamonds sparkling with the tiniest reflection of sunlight. If what I believed to be true about The Point was so, that her finery was worn year round, I wanted to see it for myself when the hazy days of summer are only a chaste kiss of a promise on a late March afternoon. I was not disappointed!

Emerald pine tops set against an azure sky. Gabled rooftops jutted against the same blue sky much like sailboats setting out across the lake from The Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club in late July. With winter's back newly broken and the lakes still a frozen tundra, it seems these cottages are beckoning their wintering inhabitants home. Tiny buds on lilacs and maples are emerging from their sleep, and crocus stretching from their winter repose. A brave yellow stockinged robin dances between mud and snow, cocking his ear to the ground listening for that first juicy worm to wander up from the thaw. Hawks and Ospreys alike busily chasing down mice whose snow hidden trails were now exposed by the melt.

Sturgeon Point's modern history began in earnest when John Langton, with the support of an aunt, immigrated to Upper Canada in 1833 at the age of 25. Like other English gentlemen of the day who were buying land 'around Peterborough' *wikipedia*...John bought land in Fenelon and Verulam and settled on Sturgeon Point. Langton was born at Blythe Hall, Ormskirk, England so it is no surprise that Blythe Farm homestead came to be established.

Blythe Farm by Anne Langton, www.archives/

In 1837, his parents, aunt and sister joined him in Upper Canada. His sister Jane, a talented artist and journal writer, has left a visual and literary depiction that brings the beginnings of Sturgeon Point more than 175 years ago vividly to life! "A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada", a collection of Anne's journals, letters and art, was published posthumously in 1950 and is available for purchase at The Maryboro Lodge, Fenelon Museum or online at

Regattas and cottage life go hand in hand in most waterfront communities in Ontario. Sturgeon Point is no exception, and the inaugural Sturgeon Lake Regatta aligns with it's birth as one of the Kawartha Lakes most desireable summer destinations. Sturgeon Point's first regatta in 1841 had an auspicious beginning. The event ended with a gentleman drowning. In 1876, Captain George Crandell, a renowned Lindsay steamship builder, built the Crandell Sturgeon Point Hotel, thus creating even greater reason to summer at the point. The first regatta run by cottagers was on September 18th, 1878. The Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club was named the Canadian Yachting Association's "Regatta of the Year" in 2010.

 Image from the Sturgeon Point History Project

Notwithstanding the glorious waterfront views, idyllic settings, Sturgeon Point is steeped with a history and memories so deep one practically has to wave the vivid images of bygone days away like spiderwebs to view yet another when strolling along Lake Avenue taking in one delicious view after another.

An incredible landmark found nestled among the pine and hardwood trees here is The Sturgeon Point Union Church.Built in 1915 with the generous donation of Lady Flavelle, it replaced the original structure built in 1888. Identifiable by it's geometric shape, and indeed, referred to as the Round Church, it offers a unique place of worship as it is non-denominational. Each week a different minister leads the service and anyone can attend Sundays during the months of July and August at 10:30am. The Sturgeon Point Union Church also makes a beautiful location for weddings, baptisms and other events. You really must visit this unique and welcoming place of worship when visiting. You can go to the church website for more information or if you are interested in attending  

Golf. What summer community is complete without golf? Sturgeon Point is no exception and in 1899 established The Sturgeon Point Golf Club. A semi-private 9 hole course designed by C.E. Robinson, it is one of the oldest courses in Ontario.  What could be better than chasing birdies on one of the most beautiful 9 hole courses in the Kawarthas? 

 Sturgeon Point Golf Club

There is a public swimming beach on Lake Avenue and what better way, after spending the day acquainting yourself with the area than by taking a refreshing dip in the lake? If you're thinking of buying either a permanent or summer home in Sturgeon Point, why not 'fly before you buy'? Take in 9 holes of Golf, spend a leisurely afternoon taking in the sights of The Point and the surrounding City of Kawartha Lakes.
 Sun Salutation!

There are, as of today's date, but a few cottages and homes for sale currently in and around Sturgeon Point, but keep in mind... this is a desired summer destination. If you've fallen in love with the area or a particular property, and you are ready to buy, give me a call, soon! John and I would be happy to show you cottages, summer properties, recreational building lots and residential listings in and around Sturgeon Point, and throughout the Kawarthas, Haliburton and Peterborough. The time to find your summer dream home is now if you want to beat the spring cottage buying fever that, sure as the sun rises and sets, follows the first sunny 20 degree day in May. Let us introduce you to everything our area has to offer! 
The cottage lifestyle awaits!

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