As fall begins to return for another year, and our families get back in the school routine, I begin thinking of an incredible individual who inspired many Canadians through his determination, commitment, and his mental strength to accomplish his dream.  

Every year at this time, we all take a moment to remember Terry Fox, and remind ourselves of the true Hero Canadians had in this extraordinary young man.  

Terrence Stanley Fox, for some reason, tugs at my heart every year at this time.  Although I never had the opportunity to meet this remarkable young man, I feel that I know him.  Because Terry and his family created the Marathon of Hope in an attempt to raise money for cancer research, I watched news casts and read newspaper articles, and learned that was Terry's Dream.  As he and his family applied to the Canadian Cancer Society to sponsor his Marathon of Hope, he stated " I'm not a dreamer, and I'm not saying this will initiate any definitive cure for cancer, but I believe in miracles."  Little did this incredible young man realize, that HE was actually the Miracle.  

What Terry accomplished from that day on April 12, 1980, when he dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean and embarked on his long journey across Canada, till September 1, 1980 when he was forced to stop as his cancer had spread, was 143 days and 5,373 kms. of absolute determination and pride in seeing his Dream come true. Many did not believe in his Dream and despite harsh weather conditions, near collisions with cars and the blisters and bleeding caused by his artificial leg, this incredible Canadian Miracle NEVER gave up on his dream to help find a cure for cancer.  Can we even begin to understand what this young man pushed his body and mind to do.  Terry ran an averge of 43 kms. per day.  That was a marathon every day for 143 days.  And if that wasn't enough, he did all that while fighting the disease that eventually took his life.  Can we even begin to grasp the intensity of the whole situation?

I have visited the Terry Fox Monument in Thunder Bay Ontario, where Terry had to end his journey.  I must admit that is was an emotional and proud moment for me, as a Canadian and a Mother.  The Fox Family where truly blessed with a Special Gift.  TERRY FOX.  The humanitarian, cancer research activist, and and just plain boy next door who brought an entire Country together in support of his Dream and his willingness to help others.  

My annual Terry Fox movie night will happen, and I will shed a tear or two, and it will strengthen my mind and spirit, it will motivate me to be a better person, and it reminds me that dreams may not always be easy, and never let there be barriers or excuses.  Remember his inspirational words, his incredible journey, and his amazing Legacy.  The images of millions of people lining streets in small Canadian communities and in large Canadian cities, to show their support for his Dream and make donations to see it happen, is life changing.   They did it as they had the NEED to catch a glimpse of our Canadian Hero, Terry Fox!!!!

Please remember this incredible Canadian boy and his incredible journey and donate to the Terry Fox Run in your local area,  Thank you.












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