The Beauty Fall Brings in The City of Kawartha Lakes

Once again, the splendor of Mother Nature provides us with panoramic backdrops of red, copper, gold and yellow, as we prepare for another winter season.  We are busy cleaning out  flower gardens of tired looking annual plants, that seems like yesterday were strategically placed, and replacing them with fall coloured mums and tulip bulbs.  We celebrated Thanksgiving once again, and reminded ourselves of all we have to be thankful for.


 And as I enjoyed a glass of wine with family and friends, I remembered days gone by of happy times spent on the farm at this time of year.  Cleaning out the huge vegetable garden, picking crisp red apples, carefully setting aside the perfect pumpkins for pie and also for the Jack-O-Lantern that would be carved very soon, raking mountains of leaves to jump in, and cutting and storing wood for those roaring fires that would keep us warm in the months of winter ahead.  And some may ask, "and these activities give you happy memories?"  Without a doubt,  "YES."  Because, the whole family was a part of these activities, and friends dropped by for a glass of hot apple cider and and slice of fresh baked apple  or pumpkin pie to share their stories of how Fall was progressing at their farm.  People actually TALKED to one another if you can imagine.  No texting, emailing, facebooking or tweeting.  Real conversations and laughter were enjoyed by everyone in the room.  These are times I will NEVER forget, ALWAYS cherish, and FOREVER be thankful to my family and friends in contributing to those memorable times.


So, lets embrace the Fall season here in The City of Kawartha Lakes.  Get out there and spend a day at the local apple orchard, visit the pumpkin patch, take a drive and enjoy a wine tasting if you can, grab a coffee and hit the road for an afternoon to enjoy the glory of Fall in all its  splendor.  When you get hungry, stop at one of the many small villages you may visit and enjoy lunch at a local cafe.  Bet they will be offering a bowl of freshly made Curried Squash Soup and a big slice of pie to warm you up, and give you energy to explore their many small boutiques and shops.  I encourage you all to SHOP LOCAL and FEEL GOOD that you did so.  SHOPPING LOCAL BENEFITS US ALL, and we feel good doing it.  


OK, I don't know about you, but I feel motivated and excited to welcome back Fall.  It's time to make our homes cozy, get ourselves prepared for the winter ahead, hit the gorcery stores and pick up supplies required for a little get together, then the liquor store so you can prepare Pumpkin Spiced Latte's, and set a date for entertaining family and friends right away.  Make it a priority, and just do it!!!!  Your guests will talk about it for months after, and you will feel great that you made it happen.  Make it a WELCOME FALL event and just go with it.  Let your creative juices flow and the sky is the limit.  


Thank you for visiting my BLOG and I look forward to hearing from you with stories of how you are enjoying the Fall also.  Take care and talk soon.                                        

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