The Emotional Side of the Real Estate Transaction

There usually comes a time in everyones life when they experience buying or selling real estate. People move for many reasons, perhaps: a marital break-up, a marital make-up, to provide a larger home for a growing family, to downsize for retirement, selling the home you raised your family in, purchasing a cottage to make memories in, selling the cottage where memories have been made, death of a family member, buying your first home, the list goes on and on and all of these reasons are tied to some type of emotion for people.

There have been many times throughout my career as a Realtor when I have been sitting around the kitchen table, signing the final paperwork to firm up the sale or purchase, with clients going through a range of emotions, happiness, anger, sadness...theres just simply too many to list! But a few comments I have encountered are:

"Yay, we just bought our first house!" Happiness

"Do you realize we have lived here all our lives and raised our children here" Sadness

"Are we doing the right thing?" Fear

"I can't belive we have to sell because I lost my job" Anger

As you can see, some of the most important decisions and investments in our lives center around real estate. Choose a Realtor who you can trust and you are confident they will be there for you through the emotional side of the real estate transaction!


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