The Number One Reason Buyer's Miss The Shot at Buying the Right Home

The Great One, Wayne Gretzky once said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

The same holds true in Real Estate. You need to at least walk through the doors of the house you are interested in buying at your EARLIEST POSSIBLE CONVENIENCE. Chances are, what is appealing to you about the property is appealing enough to at least one other serious buyer. If you don't take the initiative to view the home, the other buyer, the one who took that proverbial shot is going to score the goal, and get the house.

If you like a house, and think even marginally that it might be 'The One' for you, then why on earth would you wait to see it? There is no cost whatsoever to looking. If it's not for you, something else will be but one thing is for sure, you're going to miss out on it if you don't see it.

We sometimes hear our buying clients say "You sent us that listing of the bungalow out by the lake. We think it might work but we don't want to waste your time." Gahhhh! You cannot waste our time. We LOVE real estate, we LOVE learning about each property we see. We LOVE leaning what you love and don't love about the properties we show you. It doesn't matter how many properties we show you, as long as we find you the RIGHT home, the home you are going to LOVE and be happy in, please be assured in knowing you will not and cannot be wasting our time.

We also hear things like; "I always wanted to take a look at that house, we saw the listing you sent us but it was sold the next day, we didn't think it would sell so fast!" Well, that is why we forwarded the listing to you. Through many conversations with our clients, we learn what it is you are looking for. If we send a listing to your email, or give you a call about it, we think it has at least a chance of ticking most of the needs and wants boxes on your dream home wish list. Have faith in our abilities as realtors. We are searching day and night, using our base of industry connections, even while we sleep, to try and find you the right home. 

The trick to not missing out on a home you are interested in is simple. For this I will quote the movie, Jerry Maguire: "Help me, help you."


When I bring you the right house, or if I say, I think we should at least take a peek at it, let's go. For the sake of less than an hour you will have at best, found the right home. At worst, you and your realtor will be a little bit more educated in what kind of a home you are looking for. If it is the right home and you're ready to make an offer, the next Jerry Maguire quote will be coming from the seller and their agent. "Show me the money."

Of course, as the brilliant and well-educated buyer you now are, you will have been pre-approved for a mortgage and together we work out what the best offer, terms and conditions will be to get you this home. Now is when all our combined hard work bears fruit and you will be unlocking the doors to your own home on your very own moving day! Positive actions beget positive results. Walking through the steps of a house for a viewing are literally the easiest and most positive steps towards home ownership.

Because John and I are, after all, a good Canadian family with a hockey in our blood, you'll forgive me if I return to 'our sport' for another comparison. If 100% of the shots missed are the ones we don't take, and 99% of goals scored are assisted, doesn't it make sense to let us set up that goal for you? We are team players, we communicate, we understand your goals, your needs, your wants and most of all, we have listened and learned your real estate dreams. We've done all the ice time, and we know how to read the play.

My Johnnie - 'reading the play' in the AHL with Adirondack

If you're ready to take that shot towards home ownership, or if you're ready to list your home and want to sit down over a cup of tea, or coffee and set up YOUR game plan, call us today. We're delighted to assist on all of your Real Estate goals.

Dee Girdler
Sales Representative, Century 21 Pinnacle
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John Beukeboom
Sales Representative, Century 21 Pinnacle
705-324-2552 office


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