Tim Horton's Drive Thru on Kent saves us from Fiscal Doom!

I WAS going to write about something entirely profound this morning... a brilliant commentary about housing sales up 2% in the U.S. market and the fact that if we keep the real estate market moving, it will instill economic confidence by trickle down and prevent the exodus of financially paranoid lemmings from leaping to their doom off the proverbial "Fiscal Cliff". My neurons were charged, I tell you!

I nipped by the Tim Horton's drive thru on Kent St. here in Lindsay, where I am always greeted warmly and thanked geniunely for my business. Today was no different, and I thanked them cheerfully for my hot chocolate and raisin tea biscuit.

I arrived at Century 21 Pinnacle, gleeful in anticipation of the fact that I had a brilliant business related blog to write and the fact that my new business cards would be arriving today and I was about to be infused with that Timmy's goodness for an added kick in my creative pants. Bliss... Rubbing my hands together, cracking my knuckles, ready to type - I reach for my drink - and it's.... coffee not hot chocolate... dang... No matter, a very odd error for my favourite Tim's to make but I soldier on. I begin my fiscal revelations and, feeling peckish, I reach for my raisin tea biscuit - and it's... cheese not raisin... double-dang... Now that IS odd! I decide to give them a call and see if I could pop over and switch for what I ordered and here's where the story is amazing:

The manager apologizes and asks me where I work and delivers my hot chocolate and raisin tea biscuit here at Century 21! Tim Horton's not only delivered my order but delivered exceptional customer service. Truly above and beyond the call of duty.  

So, you ask... What has this got to do with saving us from Fiscal Doom? Everything. That kind of customer care, common courtesy and old-fashioned kindness is what will always keep the Canadian economy going.

Thanks Tim Horton's Drive Thru on Kent! You made my day!!!

This is the same kind of customer care, common courtesy and old-fashioned kindness you can expect from me and our office here at Century 21 Pinnacle.

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