Time to Get Fit! Join me at Spectrum Centre for Creative Fitness

If you are living in or moving to the Kawartha Lakes, and are ready to continue or start working out, then I think you should know about this wonderful gem of a gym we have right here in Lindsay.
When I first walked through the doors of Spectrum Centre for Creative Fitness, I have to admit, I was a little nervous.


Spectrum looked nothing like the gyms I had belonged to when I lived in York Region. The gyms in the GTA are rather utilitarian, sterile, institutional in appearance... their patrons dash in, flash their pass card wearing their Armani or Prada, change into their intimidating fashion work out gear, and dash out 30 minutes later, cheeks flushed, healthier but unsmiling. Very GTA, very busy, very clinical, very sterile, very not conducive to getting down and sweaty... After all, if you're in a gym, you want to feel like you can get your hair messy, get gritty and not worry about being monitored by the fitness fashion police.
Me, post-workout at Spectrum, completely unconcerned about hair or fashion but I'm smiling!!!

What I was greeted with when I walked through the doors of Spectrum was a welcoming and smiling face belonging to someone who would soon be not only my personal trainer for a time, but someone I am now proud to call my friend, Karen Gray.
Karen Gray. Manager at Spectrum Centre for Creative Fitness and Personal Trainer.

I explained that I was the new girl in town, looking for somewhere to workout, but wanting to make friends and feel like a part of the community. She answered all the questions I had for her, figured out what type of membership plan would work best for me and I left with my membership rate sheet and a pamphlet. I like to walk away and think about things before I commit and there was absolutely ZERO pressure or intimidation. Karen told me if I wanted to try the gym out, I could come back anytime and do so, and they would give me a tour.

I came back a few days later and another friendly face, Adam, was at the desk. He showed me around the gym. I was pleased to see all shapes, sizes and ages of people working out and working hard... teens, octogenarians and some of the very best athletes representing Canada work out at Spectrum. (I know for a fact a few Beukebooms play rugby for Canada and also train there.) In the weight room there were some serious athletes training although I later would discover that newbies and seasoned veterans alike share the weight room.

The next time I came back, Karen was there again, and I signed up for a year. I also hired her to be my official butt-kicker otherwise known as my personal trainer. Spectrum's personal trainer rates were much better than I had paid in the GTA and let me tell you, Karen kicked my butt into fantastic shape... I confess that I may have actually cussed her out a wee bit during more than one training session, but she would just laugh and tell me to get moving in the kindest/toughest way. I got to know my way around the gym and all the equipment, the very helpful staff and I made some new friends. Unlike gyms in the GTA, at Spectrum I have never felt like I must be outfitted in the latest work-out gear. Shorts, t-shirt, shoes and the desire to get fit are what counts here.

You are not competing with anyone at Spectrum, you are becoming the healthiest possible YOU, that is what the staff want to see because that is what is most important. Who needs the added stress of dressing up to sweat. Just walk through the doors and your life is going to change for the better because of it.

My weapon of choice, the elliptical, and my fly and functional feet!

I brought my son and his friend to Spectrum over the Christmas holidays... 
He's a volleyball player... with wicked abs... and she...

is a personal trainer... with wicked everything!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
***Photo courtesy of Alex Thompson

They are both high level athletes, and fitness aficionados, and they were very impressed paying our gym the highest compliment I think a gym could receive, "This is a great facility, it's athlete and user friendly. It's designed perfectly for working out, getting in shape and it's got everything a gym needs, as well. None of the flashy 'media popular' fad stuff, perfectly effective workout equipment for athletes and those ready to get in shape alike!" 

Speaking to this, Spectrum has done some recent upgrades to its facility creating some boot-camp style training options to throw some fun and variety into your work out regime. Now there is NO excuse not to come to Spectrum and work out. They've installed a 1,000 square foot area of Astro Turf! Now you can train as if you're outside at boot camp doing wind sprints, tire flips, sled drags and pulls, sledgehammers and more! To go along with the new turf area, programs featuring performance training, sport specific training and weight loss are offered. 

Whether you're new to the area, or just new to working out, I strongly recommend you step through the doors when someone is at the desk during office hours Monday : 9am - 9pm, Tuesday to Thursday: 9am - 8:30pm, Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 1pm, Sundays: 11am - 2pm.  The staff are all lovely people, Sue, Karen and Adam, all very knowledgeable and very ready to help you get started. You've got nothing to lose... except maybe a few inches and your fear of working out. :-)

705-878-5327 office
spectrumcentre@auracom.com email
http://spectrumcentre.ca/gym website

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, welcoming friendly staff, new friends to be met, and a healthier you! What are you waiting for! Call or drop in today, and tell them Dee sent you!

If you're thinking of moving to the Kawartha Lakes, and are looking for a home, or if you're just thinking of trying out this wonderful gym and don't want to go alone, give me a shout. I'd be happy to join you. Just think, I can help you find a great home AND a great gym to work out at! Now that's a realtor providing great customer service! Just like my friends at Spectrum do!
705-324-2552 office

Spectrum Centre for Creative Fitness is also home to Power Tek Fitness,training for elite athletes: learn more here http://powertekfitness.com/alumni.php... and for many other fitness options from Boxing to Pilates. For more details the staff will be very happy to direct you.  Tanning beds are available during office hours if you're going south and need to get a head start on your tan, or
if you just want to look like you did!


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