What I love about Lindsay: A walk with Johnnie and Sophie to Purdy's Mills

John and I took advantage of the beautiful late afternoon weather on Sunday morning to take a stroll around town accompanied by our youngest canine companion, Sophie. We love to get out and walk as often as we can, usually 3-5 times a week. It seems to reconnect us with the neighbourhood. There is something about walking that inspires conversation, communication, and connection with what's important to us. We talk about things that are wonderful, things that are troubling, things that need doing, things about our lives, but most of all... things that make us laugh. Walking is great for the body, but amazing for the soul! 

The weather was glorious as we strolled out of the house on Bond Street down towards the Scugog River. Bond is arguably perhaps, the most beautiful and landmark residential street in Lindsay and we have been most fortunate to call it home. The giant maple trees that create the most spectacularly beautiful forested cascade of natural shade and rich colour, not to mention all the majestic historical homes make Bond Street a walker's paradise in Lindsay.

 Sophie, in classic flat-coated retriever style, cheerfully led the way through her stomping grounds as we headed from our west-end home east towards the river for a much needed walk.

 We walked south along the Scugog River, saying hello to our neighbours out enjoying the same beautiful day and watching some folks fishing closer to Purdy's Mills.


Purdys' Mills is my favourite Lindsay landmark. There is something about it that brings the past racing back to life for me. One can easily imagine that the hustle and bustle of man, beast, machine, navigable waterways in the industrious epicentre of Purdy's Mills; the birthplace of what would one day become Lindsay, right here in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes. I always feel quite honoured to be taken back to that time with just a glance at it's fortress-like skeleton, with the Scugog gently lapping at it's stone feet.

As an interesting FYI, I contacted the City of Kawartha Lakes to find out what exactly the purpose is behind those giant man-made lily pads. They are the result of a successful submission by our fair city to become part of a water quality project in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, Queen's University, Fleming College, and C & M Aquatics. In a nutshell, these floating wetlands bind with aquatic plant life and helpful bacteria, which in turn act as a natural filtration of contaminants and toxins which helps to create a safer, more stable and healthy water source for human and animal use and consumption. For basic information about the project you can go to: http://www.city.kawarthalakes.on.ca/environment/showcasing-water-innovation/SWI_Factsheet.pdf or, if you're like me and need a bit more detailed and scientific information, you can follow this link: http://www.cmaquatic.com/floating_wetlands.php

We wandered further along the river and headed up St. Lawrence Street to Russell, pausing to appreciate the splendour of St. Mary's Catholic church. What a way to spend a Sunday morning, breathing in the intoxicating scent of lilac on a such a splendid spring day in a town we are blessed to call home. West along Russell Street, we passed another beautiful, historic church, which my parent's attended, and at which my great uncle was a deacon in the 1950s, St. Paul's Anglican.  

We made our way back home by heading north on Cambridge Street, turning the corner onto Bond and passing yet another one of Lindsay's structurally beautiful places of worship, the Cambridge Street United Church. The steeples and rooftops of a few other religous denominations peek over the treetops of Lindsay. The ones mentioned are simply the ones we were fortunate enough to pass on an early spring walk. For a complete list of places of worship in the City of Kawartha Lakes go to: http://www.explorekawarthalakes.com/en/welcome/resources/PlacesofWorshipinKawarthaLakes-03-19-10.pdf or contact the City of Kawartha Lakes for information on other organizations not listed here, 705-324-9411

It never ceases to amaze me, all the things we see and people we meet on a simple walk with the dog on a sunny day. We meet great people, have fun chats and learn new things. We get to see new beauty in everyday things walking the same steps we've taken hundreds, and in John's case thousands of times before. We see positve changes in our community... like the floating wetlands project... and even the perennial landscaped gardens which border the Scugog river parks, much neglected in recent years, are now being tended again and are beginning to return to their previous colourful splendour.

Take an informal walking tour where you live, today! It's great exercise, great for your canine companions if you have one (or, like us, more), and a perfect opportunity to see what is going on in your community.

For some suggestions of great places to live and walk in the City of Kawartha Lakes, just give us an email or phone call, we'd be happy to help and we might even join you on that walk!
dee.girdler@century21.ca or john.beukeboom@century21.ca

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