Where is Wal-Mart ??

People keep asking me, when is Wal-Mart coming, and all the new homes that where going to be built? I'm sorry to say your guess is as good as mine. We can put a space station up faster than a Wal-Mart . So for now it's money that is being spent in Peterborough or Oshawa. Some people don't like change,and would prefer it to stay just the way it is. But times change and so must the city. We have grown,it's no longer horse and carriage, it's cars and trucks, row boats to speed boats. 800sgf cottage to 3000sgf plus homes. the growth that we have needs jobs. So if you are for or against progress, just remember our youth here is our future and most of them are leaving to seek good paying jobs and housing elsewhere.  Something to think about......

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