Woman Fix Clog in Bathroom Sink! (Good for a laugh, and told in Pre-Historic language)

Dee tell story, go like this:

Upon time, Man Woman fall in love.

Time pass. Man ask Woman to share bathroom. Woman think... have own bathroom, work good... have toilet, work good... lid stay down... 

Woman love Man. Woman say "What heck?! Sound good!"

Man share bathroom with Woman. Woman notice irritiation one day. Man pound chest, say "Look what Man pull from sink!" Yucky brown glob. Look like... baby poo. Woman say "Not Woman hair. Man whiskers make nest. Silky Luxurious Woman hair get stuck in whiskers. Not vice versa." (Woman vocabularly clearly better developed than Man.) Man not buying what Woman selling.

Man say "Woman, need new house. Get two sink. Woman sink. Man sink." Woman agree. Buy new house.

Woman, Man Happy, Happy, Happy. Love new house. Love Man sink. LOVE Woman sink. Woman say "Now see who clog sink first." Man laugh. Woman chagrined. Woman have steely resolve. 1. Never clog sink! 2. Learn conjunctions.

Time pass. Woman sink water move like glacier. Oh oh. Woman endeavour keep sink sparkle. Man not notice. Woman check Man sink. Man sink water move like tornado. Woman curse.

Woman wait till Man leave house. Man like tornado in sink, always leave, always come back. Man go hunt at Loblaws. Woman have time. 

Woman get bucket, screwdriver, knife, fork, (Woman value dual-purpose item.)

Woman watch YouTube video. Learn. Woman could be plumber. Woman consider being plumber. Shakes head. Too much poop.

Woman remove mysterious womanly stuff under woman sink, put bucket under "Trap". This trap catch sink gunk, not wooly mammoth.

Woman unscrew cap on trap. Wait for gunk. Woman delighted! No gunk. . Piece of cake! Woman think 'Man exaggerate! Not bad job.'

Woman ahead of self... again. Woman run tap. Sink water move like glacier. Time go fast. Man back soon. Woman say bad word... maybe 10 bad words... 

Woman know what to do. YouTube man tell her. Unscrew, remove 'Sink Stopper'. Sink Stopper not move. YouTube man must be wrong... Like most men.

Woman use same strength she use to rip remote from Man... Warning: Following scene very scary. Not for weak stomach Woman OR Man. 

Gross! Gross like Man taking bathroom break. Not cute like baby poo! 

Sigh... Woman hate to admit. Man right. Man sooo right. Woman hair make clog. Man stubble wash away like... like... stubble. Sad. Man right. Long silky woman hair make disgusting nest for unmentionable grossness.

Tick, tick, tick. Minute fly by. Man home soon! Woman must move butt! Cannot bear if Man know Woman cause clog... or risk Man asking Woman fix all clogs now to next Ice Age!

Woman scrub sink! Woman removes evidence of being world's greatest plumber. 

Woman scrub toilet... in case of splatter evidence... also, Woman being kind... Whole world know every MAN make all toilet in world dirty til day MAN learn to sit to pee! 

Woman digress. (Notice woman vocabulary improve over course of story?)


Woman fix sink! Clog gone! Not rocket science! Not mystery! Gross but not gross as expected. Took half hour! Bathroom sparkly clean!

Tick, tick, tick... Man home from Loblaws soon... Woman clean utensil, put back in kitchen... Wash first, of course! Woman not Neanderthal!

Man not home. Woman think Man visit other Man's Cave for quick Fire Drink. Man call Woman. Fire Drink with Tim too tempting. Woman say "Take time!" Woman so happy, make cookies for Man

Woman think "Great! Fix clog. Woman empowered! Woman watch Downton Abbey. Not fight for remote!" .
Woman think to self: "Mary should share sink with Matthew first..."

Man back home. Eat cookies, try take remote. Not win! Time to sleep. Woman, Man brush teeth at respective sinks. Woman see Man inspect woman's sink. Man shrugs, Man smiles. Think Woman not watching. Woman smile to self. 

Man smart. Woman very smart... and very happy.

Smart woman:


Smart man:


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