Bird's nest in a dryer vent......must equal fire!

So I'm driving in Cooper's Crossing and I see a bird fly out of a vent from the house on the corner. Well,  I keep watching the house because I drive by 4 to 6 times a day, during school days. Then after 2 days of this I can't help but think that this house will burn down with this nest in a dryer vent! Now I'm worried and would feel horrible if in fact the house did burn down! I go to talk to the owners, but of course no one is home. I go later that evening and talk to the gentleman who owns the house. As it turns out the birds come and build a nest every year. But the home owners let them because it's only a basement washroom vent and not a dryer vent like I thought! We talked and he thanked me very much for my concern. That was the end of it, until.......

A few days later my friend tells me she has been fussing around with her dryer vent for 2 hours because a bird built a nest in it! The bird had the entire dryer hose plugged from the outside wall to the actual dryer, solid. She had to take the whole thing apart to make sure all the dry grass and twigs were gone. Well, there were no babies and her dryer worked better than it had in a long time!

Of course after me worrying about birds and fires, I went home to check mine!...........nothing there!

My suggestion to homeowners, an Outdoor Spring Maintenance Checklist.

 Even though we are into summer now,  don't delay! We are generally not out in our yards all winter, so we need to have a look around to see what has happened to our homes.

Here are some points to think about:

  • Foundation - look for cracks or parging that has chipped or fallen off. This is to prevent water getting in your basement.
  • Siding - make sure there are no cracks or holes in the siding. Moisture may get in there and cause problems.
  • Caulking - check the caulking around windows, doors and vents to ensure it is intact. Replace if it has deteriorated.
  • Windows and Screens -  make sure windows are sealed and screens are free of holes. Prevent bugs from coming in!
  • Gutters - remove debris and keep them clear to allow rain to drain off the roof.
  • Soffets - ensure there are no opening or holes where birds, squirrels, bees, wasps etc. can make a home! Repair without delay.
  • Down Spouts - keep them in good working order, free of debris and replace or fix if they have been flattened at the ends.
  • Dryer and Washroom Vents - check all outside vents for holes or broken ends. Vent covers should fit flat. We all know why!
  • Decks or Porches - ensure all boards are nailed down and walking is not a hazard. Screws/nails are not sticking up. Check all railing to make sure they are secure. Do you need to repaint? Preserve that wood!
  • Landscaping - Cut back overgrow trees and bushes. Think curb appeal!
I hope I gave you something to think about!






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