Business in a small town

Small Town Real Estate

A few months ago, I had a call from a well known, well respected business man who asked me to come over and see him.  I was extremely busy that day, which was already packed with meetings, but I was curious, so I moved things around so that I could make it work.

I sat down with the man, in his large impressive office, and after some small talk he told me that he brought me in because he wanted me to list his house.  I exclaimed, "ME?"

(This is where I should tell you that even though I have a residential real estate license, I have a decade of experience in commercial real estate sales and leasing. Other than owning my own house, and a handful of rental properties, I don't have any experience selling houses.)

This gentleman's home is in the top 2% of properties in the Drumheller Real Estate Market and he was asking me to champion the listing.  When I inquired further, he ran through the list of Associates in town and how each of them have purchased from his competitors in town, or even worse, his competitors out of town. To my astonishment, he was correct.

He recalled the story of my last purchase from his sales staff where I came in with a printed copy of a competitor's website and asked if they could order it for me.

Very interesting, and I very much appreciate that this seller would consider me to look after the sale of his house.  My team sold his house within 6 weeks.

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