Customer Satisfaction

1. What made you Choose Dale? We chose Dale because we had used him in the past and liked his work.
2. What made him stand out? Were you happy with Dale's Service? Accessibility? Attentiveness? Communication skills? Honesty? Diplomatic Negotiation skills? Multitasking? Facebook/Kijiji/website marketing, Honest opinions, Specialized service, flexibility, friendly service, Caring, Dale's energy level, Etc.  Dale was excellent - he showed us a lot of places without complaint, was accessible and honed in our needs.  He was honest with what we should do and what different properties were worth.
3.  Are there any things that Dale can work on in your opinion?   (Too busy) Compared to other agents you've used.Nothing stands out as needing attention.
4. What is Dale's biggest Strength (ie. Negotiation, Market Knowledge, Multitasking, Web Marketing).  Did you like Dale Green's website? How can he improve it? Dale biggest strength is his knowledge of the marketplace we were interested in.  Secondly, his strength would be his accessibility - he returned calls and emails promptly.  Did not really use his website.
5. Agents succeed when the get referrals from previous clients.  Have you referred him to others? Why would tell others that you recommend him? Yes we have.  I do not think they used him, but we would have no problems referring him to others.
6. What is one thing that Dale does better than other agents you've used in the past. We really felt like Dale had our best interests at heart in the process.  He was on own side and understood what we were looking for.  He replied to our enquiries promptly, as did his assistant.  He was accessible by phone or email.  Our process took several months and he was good natured and did not become frustrated when we did not find what we wanted initially but saw it through to the end.

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