Door knocking experiences

When I set out with my 4 year old daughter to knock on a doors a few weeks ago I never expected to meet someone who would profoundly affect me the way Judy did.  Most people who answered their doors when Leah and I knocked would give us a guarded hello and politely take my flyer. 

Not Judy.  Judy promptly invited us into her home.  With Leah playing with a spirited puppy Judy and I began to talk.  Looking around her home I noticed angels.  I don't mean just a few angels around left over from Christmas decorating.  I am talking about at least 40 angels.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  I proceeded to ask Judy why she had so many angels and the story that followed had us both in tears.  In 1995 Judy's 24 year old daughter was caught in the crossfire of a domestic dispute and was shot and killed.  Now nearly 2 decades later the pain of Judy's loss is still raw and being the mom of 4 kids and having lost my dad on Christmas Eve 2006 her emotion hit close to home to me.

Judy painstakingly and lovingly makes angels to help her deal with her loss and to keep the memory of her daughter alive.  Her angels have homes all over the world and she can not keep up with the demand.  She does not advertise, she does not have a website and she sells the angels for the cost of the materials that she has shipped to Airdrie from Quebec.  Needless to say now have an angel sitting on my mantle watching over my family and reminding me that this life is given to us to live fully everyday.  Thank you Judy from Waterstone, you made my year.

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