Double Doubles. Reselling the same properties twice

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I've been selling commercial properties for over a decade and I'm starting to have some 'double doubles' (properties that I have sold twice).

It takes plenty of diligence to complete a successful real estate deal, and it is a big compliment when you are chosen to list, sell, list, and then sell

List of properties I've sold twice
- Consortium Properties 601- 631 5th Street east
- Hygrade Road Lands, BJ Services
- Over the Rainbow (three times)
- Hygrade Buildings, 570 Premier Road
- Cool Castle, 163 Center Street, Rosedale
- Art Gallery Retail Space 3rd Ave West
- Drumheller Business Center 515 Hwy 10
- North Drumheller Industrial, 240 Grove Place

One of the things that I do when I originally sell a property, is advise the buyer on how I feel that they can increase the value (ie. Add $1 to make $10).  The reason that I like doing double doubles, is that when I sell the properties the second time, I get to see how those improvements actually do increase the value. And, to the contrary, if they don't choose to improve the property, how it affects the negotiated purchase price and time to sell.

The excitement and reward of investing in Real Estate is that smart investors have the ability to add value to increase the value of their own property.  You can't do that with the Stock Market, GIC's, Money Market, etc.

I'm happy to sit down and explain examples of how we have been able to help investors increase the value of their holdings over the past 10 years.

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