Fun Home Decorating Ideas

When someone says the words 'home decorating', what do you think of? I'm sure what you are envisioning includes a significantly lighter wallet, sweat, and maybe even tears. Although that sounds rather daunting (or just downright horrible), you don't need to completely remodel your property in order to achieve new decor. Sometimes it's best to make small changes here and there-enough to switch things up and add aesthetic value without the pain of a mass renovation. The following are simple, do-it-yourself ideas that are cheap, will require little sweat, and will only make you cry happy tears.

1). Tree Lights: If you live in the city but dream of sleeping under the stars, this is an excellent way to decorate your room! Go out and buy a small container of paint (you can pick a classic brown, or if you are feeling particularly free-spirited, any other colour that catches your eye) and small, indoor christmas lights. Pick a corner of your bedroom and paint a tree-there is no template, have fun with it! Use tiny wall pins to arrange the christmas lights so it looks as though they are strung along the tree branches. Not magical enough? Turn on the christmas lights. Be amazed.

2). InstaTable: Chances are if you own an Iphone, you also have downloaded that nifty app, Instagram. While it's fun to add vintage filters to the pictures and post them for your friends to see, why leave them stuck in your phone when you could be showing them off? Send your favourite photos to Printstagram to be printed and mailed to your home. Next, remove the glass top of your computer desk, coffee table-wherever it is you want to display your masterpiece-and arrange the photos in whatever creative way your heart desires! Simply put the glass top back over them and voila! You have a decorated table-top that protects and showcases all your favourite memories!

3). Toolbox Template: Over the years you have collected tools from birthday's, hand-me-downs, and I'm-sorry-we-missed-the-superbowl-because-of-the-mall presents. You should be proud of your collection, no matter how many times your significant other tries to tell you to downsize! And when you need a tool for quick fixing jobs, you don't want to have to dig through a toolbox stuffed to the brim. So, go out and buy a Peg Board from your local Home Depot, along with some small peg board hooks. Drill the board into your workspace wall and put the hooks in whatever order you want. Hang up all your tools, and then outline each one in permanent marker. Now you have easier access to your precious tools, are able to find them much faster, will be able to put them away more easily, and will be able to show them off to the world!

Remember to have fun with these ideas and get creative! They are simple and cheap ways to decorate your already beautiful home. They add value to your property, and if you ever plan on selling, buyers will love the additions to your staging! Happy Decorating!

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