How does a vacation to Mexico sound ?

Until December 31, 2015 get double the AIRMILES when you purchase a home through me.

List your home and get 1000 bonus AIRMILES.

Those two bonuses along give you, the traveler a nice gift for your next holiday, but I will add to that to make an even better vacation......


Buying or Selling a home can be a stressful time in everyone's lives.  My job as your agent is to help you through that process and guide you to the closing date.  Many agents end the relationship there, but not me.  I here to help you even after the sale closes.

Purchase or Sell your home with me and as a thank you I will give you a 7 day vacation in Mexico at one of 4 Sandos Resort locations of your choosing.  You will receive VIP treatment as a Royal Elite Member.  These benefits can not be purchase through any travel agent.  I want to make sure you feel special.  Just some of the benefits over a regular vacation include your own private pool,  exclusive restaurants, beaches, bars, 24 hour room service, spa treatments and more.  These vacations can be accustomed to adult only or to families in general.  Sell and buy your homes with me and I will give you 14 days in the sun.

Every year my family embarks on these vacations and all of us thoroughly enjoy our time, and it truly feels like a vacation.  You see I enjoy helping people and treating them like family and believe our relationship isn’t over when you sign those last papers.  Here’s a chance for you to unwind.
I look forward to hearing from you.



-Agent will act as the liaison for booking the accommodations.
-Vacation includes accommodations and royal elite benefits.
- Client is responsible for travel to and from the resort of their choice.
-Client is responsible to pay for and will receive discounted AI Fees for the duration of their stay.  Due upon check in.
 -Blackout dates ( Easter, Christmas, New Years, US Thanksgiving )


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