Huge Price Reductions Announced by Stevenson Homes!

Today Stevenson Homes announced a massive reduction in prices that will stimulate sales and force resale houses to reevaluate pricing in the Drumheller market. In an announcement made late today Stevenson homes will be dropping new home prices from $20 to $40,000 to stimulate sales in the new home market.  This announcement will affect the entire market in Drumheller and will force both new home and re sale sellers to re evaluate their pricing strategies to compete with this move. This reduction will also provide a great opportunity for many buyers whom where considering a new home in Drumheller, and I anticipate many buyers who are considering moving up to a new home making that move in light of this major reduction.  Although our market is still very healthy it is also becoming very competitive working in favor of purchasers.  If you are interested in the revised pricing prior to its release please call Gary Chambers 820-2121.

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