Making Clients Feel Number 1

This week I received one of  the greatest of compliments. 

After touring a Buyer around to many, many homes,and having many, many conversations about his struggling home sale back in another Province,  we found a 'Perfect Home at a great price' for them here because I took a chance of looking at MLS one last time before writing an offer on another home. 

During the Home Inspection, I sat down at the table to set up some showings for a New Clients, do some paperwork, and answer some phone calls.  The Buyer sat at the table with me and I apologized for having to do some work.  As he quietly sat there watching me, he suddenly says 'Crystal, I have to say something important to you', 'ok' I replied.  He says 'It NEVER dawned on me that you had other Clients!  You did such a great job in making me and my wife feel like we were the Most Important People to you.  You drove us around to many homes, were always available at any time of day we called, coached us in Selling our home out of Province, and have gone way above what we expected. You are amazing to us. Thank You!'

Needless to say...That made my day!

So...Thank you my dear Client.  I am so glad that all the hours I put in behind the scenes makes you feel that way because when you are in my hands, and I am working hard to Represent You Properly, I want you to feel that you have my full attention and that I am deserving of your business.  Your compliment will always ring in my head when I am working with New Buyers.  I want ALL my Clients to feel important to me.

Honored to be Your Realtor - Crystal Adamo


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