Market Update for October 12th, 2010

As we approach the fall months, it is worth sending another Market update to my clients.  

The last few months have been busy.  We've seen investors buy apartment buildings, retailers finally go from renting to ownership, sold a foreclosure and an estate sale.  We've started to get phone calls from out of town clients looking for industrial bays for lease, although we have yet to lease them any space.

There are a few foreclosures that are popping up, but as bad as it is to say, many of them were predictable.  If you are in business, and you are barely surviving in the high times, then you will not have much of a chance in the recessionary times.   The good news is,  the banks are being reasonable and they are working hard to sell these properties in a timely manner.

Interest rates are still very low compared to historic averages.  This is comforting to my clients who have a portfolio of properties with financing on them.

I'm happy to take you for coffee to discuss any of the above.  Call me at 403.823.2222 or send me a txt.

Happy Thanksgiving from


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