Neighbourhood Friendly: Teenager Edition

While searching for a new home, it’s not just the actual property that is important. The neighborhood is equally, if not more important when considering where to move to! Especially if you have a family. In our last ‘Neighborhood Friendly’ article, we talked about finding a neighborhood that is good for families with small children. Well, now that your little ones are all grown up, it’s time for a teenage edition. What should be on your checklist for a neighborhood that is teenager friendly? Read on and find out.

1). Safety is always the first thing you should consider. Drive through potential neighborhoods on a Friday night to see if there are any big ‘party-houses’ in the area that could become a problem. Make sure sidewalks and roads are well lit and maintained. Teenagers like to be out late, so make sure they will be safe!

2). Find an area with a good Public Transit route! Whether it’s the bus or LRT, it will come in handy for your teen getting to and from school, friends’ homes, work, etc. Your teen will thank you, and so will your gas bill when you don’t have to drive them around everywhere.

3). Chances are at some point in your teens life you will lay down the law and tell them to turn off the video games and get a summer job. A great asset to any community is a local shopping center with different fast food joints, grocery stores, and other miscellaneous shops. This ensures plenty of local employment opportunities for your team! It also provides an excellent way for you to easily pop in on them as they make lattes and tell them how proud you are of them/embarrass them mercilessly.

4). Recreational Center’s are a great way for teens to meet friends and hang out in a safe environment! Most will have plenty of opportunities for your teen to get involved in a sports club, or just go and shoot hoops on the weekend. Most facilities also typically offer family passes, which means that you can get the entire family a membership at a reasonable cost!

These are just a few things to look for in a neighborhood that will help cater to a teen! Trust us—they’ll thank you one day.

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