Neighbourhoods of Drumheller, Alberta

The Town of Drumheller lies within a beautiful, scenic valley just over 100 kilometers northeast of Calgary, and features a number of unique areas to live. Here is a breakdown of the primary neighbourhoods within the Drumheller valley.


The charming downtown core of Drumheller is one of the most diverse when it comes to real estate, featuring a wide range of styles and sizes of homes, and an even wider range in prices.

Houses in the downtown core were generally built during the first half of the twentieth century and sizes can range from 500 to 2500 sq. ft. Most homes in this area also have rear alley access, and if the property has a garage, it is most likely accessed off the alley.

Downtown Drumheller has been an especially popular area for the restoration of older character homes.  Several can be found along 3rd Street, and along 3rd Avenue West lie some of the most historic and artfully restored properties in Drumheller.

This area also has DT (Downtown Transitional) zoning in some areas for small businesses to be operated out of the front portion of older homes, if granted permission by the Development Authority. This adds a unique feel to businesses in the downtown core.

In addition, this subdivision of Drumheller features a number of multi-family apartment-style condominium projects. Keystone Towers is a 4-storey building on a beautiful tree-lined street. It has a mix of ground-level open parking spaces. Riverview Terrace, another condominium complex is the only project of its kind to incorporate underground parking. It was completed in 1999. The north-facing units of Riverview Terrace enjoy majestic views of the river and the hillside strata just beyond the shore.

Residents living in this neighbourhood enjoy the friendly atmosphere and benefit from being only a short walk away from shopping and local services. The downtown area borders on the Red Deer River, where the Memorial Arena can be found, as well as tennis courts, the Aquaplex and Rotary Splash Park, souvenir shops and the World’s Largest Dinosaur. This end of the neighbourhood will also soon be home to the Badlands Community Recreation Facility, a project set for completion in 2012. A walking path along the river connects this area with neighbourhoods in North Drumheller and Riverview.


The Riverview neighbourhood runs for almost two kilometers down the length of the Red Deer River, from downtown to the southeastern tip of Drumheller.  The big draw of Riverview is its green space, with homes on lots with mature trees and good soil conditions, and an abundance of beautifully maintained gardens and parks nearby. Being in close proximity to schools, shopping and amenities makes this area one of the strongest subdivisions for real estate in Drumheller.

Houses in the Riverview area were built between 1958 and 1969 and are typically bungalows featuring detached garages with back alley access. Many of the homes in this neighbourhood range from 800 to 1300 sq. ft. and sit on lots averaging 50’ by 120’.

One extension of the Riverview neighbourhood arguably holding the most scenic views of the Red Deer River is Willow Estates. Located on at the eastern end of Riverview, Willow Estates offers many homes with a spectacular view of the river. The area was established in the 1990s and features homes with front-attached garages and no alley access. The homes in this community are primarily between 1000 and 2100 sq. ft. in a mix of bi-level and two-storey dwellings. With its cul-de-sac format, and thus no through-traffic, Willow Point is a quiet street perfect for families or retirement living. Enjoying all the features of the Riverview area, yet with newer style developments, Willow Estates is a highly desirable place to live.

Midland Average

On the northern edge of the Red Deer River lies Midland Average. Surrounded with walking and biking trails, nestled next to Midland Provincial Park, and only a short drive from the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Midland Average is another strong community for real estate.

The North Dinosaur Trail divides Midland into upper and lower subdivisions. Upper Midland features homes with compatible architectural styles, many built within the last 40 years. House sizes typically span between 800 and 1300 sq. ft. and have a mix of front and rear garages. Homes in this area are built on a gentle slope overlooking Lower Midland and the Red Deer River and are backed by Drumheller’s famous sandstone hills.

On the other side of North Dinosaur Trail, Lower Midland sprawls out towards the river. This quiet, well-kept community is a naturalist’s paradise, filled with mature trees, trails leading to the river, and scenic views of the train bridge and grassy hills across the water. From the trails of Lower Midland, a stroll in either direction will lead you to the Royal Tyrrell Museum or to downtown Drumheller.

One of the more exclusive communities in Drumheller, found within Lower Midland, is Marshall Estates, which enjoys one of the highest average selling prices in town.  Ranging in from 1100 to 3000 sq. ft., and situated on lots of considerable size, homes in Marshall Estates are ideal for family living. Houses here have front-facing garages and no alley access, and the beautiful stonework of the home exteriors can be seen from North Dinosaur Trail.


Driving down into Drumheller from the south, the first neighbourhood you come across is Huntington/Greentree, a subdivision nestled into the wall of the valley.

The Huntington/Greentree area has the benefit of being close to Greentree Public School, Drumheller Composite High School and St. Anthony’s Catholic School, making it a great location for families with school-aged children. It is also nearby to many amenities such as the Drumheller Co-op, as well as public park areas and the Greentree School playground, but without the premium attached to the neighbouring Riverview area.

Lying at the southern edge of town, this small community also leads way to many scenic hiking trails in the valley. Homes in Huntington/Greentree were built between 1955 and 1980, average between 800 and 1100 sq. ft. and have rear detached garages on most properties.

Since 2009, Century 21 Power Realty has professionally managed the 26-unit Drumheller Community Housing project in this area, an endeavour that the residents of Drumheller can be proud of.


Just west of Huntington/Greentree, the Bankview/HIllsview area of Drumheller encompasses many smaller distinct neighbourhoods, transitioning from the original Bankview community to the newer areas of Hillsview Estates and West Bankview Estates. These projects were developed by local builder Lyle Stevenson of Stevenson Homes, with some infill projects by smaller builders. In terms of land, this area has the most potential for future developments, as well as the opportunity for developers to tear down older houses and update the neighbourhood with more new dwellings.

Bankview/Hillsview is made up predominantly of families. The area as a whole is desirable both for its proximity to the Badlands scenery and hiking trails, and its well-maintained parks nearby. This neighbourhood is also located close to Canadian Tire, several restaurants, and a convenience store and gas station.

The original Bankview area essentially consists of smaller bungalows from the 1930s, 40s and 50s situated on lots of around 33 ft. by 120 ft. and often without a garage on the grounds. Properties in this area of Bankview/Hillsview make for very affordable starter homes.

Hillsview Estates is primarily 2-storey 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom homes with an average size of 1500 sq. ft. (generally no smaller than 1100 and no larger than 1800 sq. ft.) Homes here are typically situated on narrower lots, 40 ft. by 110 ft. in many cases. The houses primarily have front-attached garages and limited rear alley access. The lots in this area were serviced and developed by the Town of Drumheller and were sold in a Lot Draw (with the majority having been purchased by Stevenson Homes). 

West Bankview Estates is more estate-style homes controlled by architectural guidelines to provide consistency between bungalow and 2-storey houses with attached garages. The average size of houses in West Bankview Estates is 1500 sq. ft., with a general range between 1,100 and 2,300 sq. ft. Homes in this neighbourhood have street-facing garages as in Hillsview, but also offer some rear alley access. The West Bankview subdivision was planned in the mid 1980s but was not serviced until purchased by the Stevenson Development Corporation in 2007. This area of Drumheller now enjoys one of the highest average selling prices in today's market.


Named after the Newcastle Mine Company, this community lies on the southern shore of the Red Deer River, at the western tip of Drumheller. Set apart from the downtown core and accessed primarily by local traffic, a real draw of Newcastle is its peaceful atmosphere.

There are many homes bordering the river here, which is protected by a dyke system. Houses in this area were built between the late 1980s and through the 1990s. Older parts of Newcastle feature homes built between the 1940s and 1960s.

The primary gem of the area is Newcastle Road, which backs onto the scenic Newcastle Beach, a popular recreation locale for residents of the neighbourhood.  The Newcastle Beach area showcases baseball diamonds, maintained by residents of the community and the Town of Drumheller, park and picnic areas, as well as a newly developed boat launch to provide access to the river. It provides the perfect summer destination for residents of all ages.


Nacmine is a small community located along South Dinosaur Trail about five kilometers west of the Drumheller downtown core. Due to its western location, Nacmine offers a quick escape to Calgary along Hwy 575 (approximately 100 kilometers). Once a booming coal mining town, the neighbourhood was named after its founders, North American Collieries (‘NAC’ plus ‘mine’).

Nacmine is a mixed neighbourhood, featuring both new homes and older (but beautifully kept) houses dating back to the 1900s. Several homes in Nacmine were built within the last twenty years and Greene Close is one of the newest communities in the area. 

Nacmine offers a great number of options for enjoying the outdoors, and is ideal for family living with its numerous parks and playground areas, an outdoor hockey rink, and more.

On the north side of Nacmine runs the Red Deer River, at the edges of which some prime homes can be found on estate-style lots with river frontage and access to the shore.


When you enter Rosedale, it’s hard not to notice what a charming and diverse community it is. A five kilometer drive east from the Drumheller town center, Rosedale lies at the convergence of the Rosebud and Red Deer Rivers.

Once home to a variety of coal mines prior to the 1970s, Rosedale now features several historical sites, including a miner memorial. Rosedale is also home to the Star Mine Suspension Bridge, built in 1931 to connect the settlement with the coal mines on the opposite side of the Red Deer River.

Other draws of this serene community are an outdoor rink, the Rosedale Fire Hall, Paradise Grocery store, a campground, a saloon, and a bed and breakfast.

Spread out over a large area, Rosedale contains a wide variety of homes, some built as late as the 1990s. As some of the houses in Rosedale do not have water and/or sewer, be sure to ask a knowledgeable agent about properties in the area.

East Coulee

Homebuyers with an inclination for the outdoors shouldn’t miss East Coulee, a scenic hideaway, 20 kilometer drive to Drumhellers outer limits. Once accommodating a population of 3000, but now a quiet community of about 200, this former hamlet is a part of the town of Drumheller.

East Coulee features a tranquil atmosphere in a neighbourhood lining the Red Deer River in the heart of the valley. Many houses here enjoy beautiful views of the river and hills.

The area is also home to a variety of historical sites, including a 1930s schoolhouse that now operates as the East Coulee School Museum, a working tipple at the Atlas Coal Mine, and fine views of the area’s geology with only a short drive to the famous Hoodoos of the Badlands. Many other popular tourist attractions and even two provincial parks are just a short drive away.

There are a mix of homes in East Coulee, with most from the 1900s and only a handful of newer dwellings. Although there are plans to bring Town of Drumheller water to East Coulee, the area is still fed with underground water wells. Make sure to speak with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the properties in this neighbourhood.

For more information on any of these neighbourhoods or to buy or sell a home in one of these areas, contact any of the knowledgeable associates of Century 21 Power Realty at 403.823.2121 or

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