New Year's home resolution​s

This year it's time to make resolutions you will actually keep. We've taken three of the most common resolutions and applied them to your home, so this is the year you will actually stick with them!

Spend less on your house this year by planning for the unknown. Make a project wishlist for around your home and make sure to prioritize by importance and by weather restraints - not all projects can be done in each season. Include items that you know will be coming up like replacing a malfunctioning appliance or installing new shingles on the roof, but don't forget that you may also want to budget time and money to "pretty-up" the place.

Sometimes it helps to put money aside for something likeable instead of just functional around the house. You don't have to wait for garage sale season to get great deals on home decor anymore, website like are excellent for locating unique items that can freshen up your space without breaking the budget. Set a reasonable dollar amount for redoing a room and watch for sales. Make it a challenge to stay on track for the room and then you can be extra proud when you showcase your inner-designer.

Keeping your living space organized and tidy doesn't have to be a big challenge. Set aside proper space in your home for storage of items that are not used regularly. Designate an area that is, preferably, out of sight. If you are tight on space, you can use a curtain or room divider to help disguise the items you want to store.

Organize closets, cupboards and drawers. Start by going through all those hidden spaces and eliminating items you no longer want or use. Donate them or box them up to go in your storage space. Sort through and tidy up items, or purchase drawer inserts, closet boxes or spacers. A little decluttering can really go a long way. This website - has some really helpful ideas for organizing and storing lots of common household items.

Every year you vow that this will be the year to get fit and eat better. This year you have no excuse - everything you need will be right in your own home. Designate an exercise space. With so many compact exercise options available, you should be able to easily create your own personalized "fit-zone". Identify a specific area then purchase equipment accordingly. Keeping storage in mind once again, get creative with things like a crate for weights and hooks to hang items like mats and skipping ropes. DVD's are a great option for at home workouts, or you can always take it outside and explore the neighborhood around you.

While you're at all this, make sure to have a look at your kitchen. Give it a good clean (don't forget that microwave!) and rearrange your fridge to include lost of front space for fresh produce. Make sure this space is decluttered so you can move in the kitchen freely when making those nutritious meals. is a great resource of you are looking for information on eating healthy, but there are also a plethora of websites and cookbooks for healthy eating or do a search for Apps that include grocery lists to make the shopping process easier. Check out for some local tips on eating healthy at home and at local restaurants.

Happy New Year and if 2013 is the year you resolve to make that big move, don't forget to contact Bob Sheddy's team of amazing real estate agents for all your real estate needs. (//


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