Not just ANY gift card, it's a Photo Gift card!

I was recently introduced to this great service for sending my appreciation to colleagues and clients. The website is called  The thing I love about this service is that we can brand and customize the gift cards using our logo, our clients photos or whatever you want!  There are a multitude of merchants involved so you are not limited to only one! The shipping fee is low and each card can be send directly to the individual!  It's absolutely perfect for our usage!  What's best is that the cards are reloadable too!

The one pictured above is one I recently ordered for a colleague. It was as simple as 1-2-3!  It literally only took me a few minutes!  To create one of your own, go to and create an account.  Once you have logged in, follow these steps:

1. Click on "Get Started for Free" tab at the top
2. Choose your preferred merchant
3. On the merchant logo, click on "Design a Custom Card Here" and start customizing
4. Add image (I used a picture from our logo page // the Original Joe's branding was automatically inserted however I had the option to choose the placement
5. Add text (I did not add any text for this design)
6. Preview & share the design with a friend, don't forget to save the card on your account
7. Lastly, choose the quantity and value of the cards. You can personalize each card later on once they are added to the cart. Proceed to checkout.
8. In the shopping cart, you are still able to go back and review or edit your card and its value.  Confirm everything is correct to proceed to the next step.
9. In the shipping page, enter all the addresses you want to ship a card to under "Shipping Address" - New Address.  Once you've added all the addresses, you can personalize each card with a recipient name, address and message.
10. The last step is billing.  Confirm the order and complete the transaction.  You will be send a receipt by email.

I hope you love this serivce as much as I do!  This is great to be used as Christmas gifts, as part closing gifts, CMA Thank You's, and much more!  They never expire so you can order as much as you want to keep on hand.

For larger quantities, please ask them for the Realtor's Discount!

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