Odors to Watch For When Selling Your Home

You know when you arrive home and walk through the door and your home just smells like you?  To most of us it's comforting, but a potential buyer may not feel quite the same way.  Here's the thing: we don't all like the same scents. Such a personal preference is just that, and when you're selling your home there's probably a few scents you should pay special attention to.

Pet Odors
They may be cute, cuddly, smart and loyal, but they can also be smelly.  While you've got your home on the market be sure to keep cages, tanks, kennels and litter boxes clean and free from odor.  You may want to also shampoo carpets as they can really hold smell, or at least be sure to spot treat areas of pet accidents.

Food Smells
Just as with smells, we all have different tastes and the odor of a recently cooked meal can be a distraction for potential buyers.  Things like fish, garlic and spices are all pungent aromas and may not be to the (literally) same tastes as you.  Fresh baked cookies are one of my favorite scents, but for someone with an allergy, those peanut drops may not be so appealing to their nose.  Prior to showings you could BBQ outdoors, eat out at that great local restaurant you've been wanting to try or make a meal of less scent-ful ingredients.

Perfumes and Room Deodorizers
That floral potpourri on the table may be a nice room accent, but it may not be helping to sell your place.  People want to envision themselves living in your home and your personal choices may not fit with that picture. 

Cigarette Smoke
Ok, by now even smokers know it's not good for them, so why remind potential buyers of the fact.  Many people will be instantly turned off by the lingering odors and potential health effects of cigarette smoke, so be sure to make your home a smoke-free zone during the listing period.  And just saying, it might just be a great time to quit while you're at it...

So now you're asking what smell WILL help sell your home?
Can't go wrong with that one, unless of course you use cleaners that are too astringent, pine-scented or floral!  Just use good-ole soap and water, give the floors a good vacuum and open up a window or two.

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image: noodor.com

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