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CREA - How Commercial Realtors Help

Below is my ad in the upcoming Stage West Program

Below is my ad in the upcoming Stage West Program

Leaf This Property!

Autumn is here, and you know what that means: scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, jack-o-lanterns, and crunchy leaves! While leaves are always beautiful colors in the fall, they may not seem as pretty to you when they are burying your lawn. Contrary to popular belief, the snow does not make leaves magically disappear over winter. They can serve as a barrier between moisture and your grass, making next ...

Neighbourhood Friendly: Teenager Edition

While searching for a new home, it’s not just the actual property that is important. The neighborhood is equally, if not more important when considering where to move to! Especially if you have a family. In our last ‘Neighborhood Friendly’ article, we talked about finding a neighborhood that is good for families with small children. Well, now that your little ones are all grown up, ...

Congratulations Marketing Experts!!! has had great participation in National Lead Gen Days! Congratulations, Andre Aubut, Leanne Larsen, Danny Greene, Crystal Adamo, Erin Ferguson, Katelyn Haffner, and Aggie Henry, have been given the CENTURY 21 Canada Marketing Expert achievement seal for participating in our National Lead Gen Days!

Money Saving Tips for your Power Bill

When thinking about conserving money on your next power bill, small changes are just that, small. Think big picture for maximum savings: Invest in a new furnace - at the age of approx 15 years, their efficiency rating drops by about 50% Retire your beer fridge - newer refrigerators are 20 times more efficient Replace your top load washer - front load washers - plus you will save on your water ...

C21 website statistics Sept-Oct 2013

From September 20, 2013 through October 20, 2013, 39,069 people visited our website for a total of 40,109 visits. Our website generated 58,436 page views. Visitors to our website previewed 5,657 properties, viewed 68,900 property details, and launched 1,029 Showcase 21 tours. As a result the website generated 112 online leads. We pride ourselves on doing a great job of marketing ...

A Home to Call Your Own client contest - last chance!

Contest closes this Sunday, October 27 at 11:59pm! Join your fellow System members who have used the CENTURY 21 Canada and RONA consumer contest to promote themselves! Clients can enter online at: for a chance to WIN: 1st prize: $10,000 to RONA 2nd prize: 5,000 AIR MILES reward miles ***Clients have to be an AIR MILEStm member to participate in ...

Hey Airdrie! Donate your Gently Used Coats Today!

Hey Airdrie! Out with the Old and in with the New...Coats that is! Community Links in Airdrie is accepting Clean, Gently used Coats, and snowsuits for its Jacket Racket Program! You can take your donations to the Community Links North Office on the corner of First Ave and Main Street (in the Provincial Bldg).  Airdrie is a Community that Cares!  

Why is CENTURY 21 the Most Recognized Brand in Real Estate?

1. Century 21 is the World's Largest Residential Real Estate Sales Organization 2. With offices in over 74 countries, 7,100 offices, and over 100,000 agents 3. Century 21 is the Most Recognized Name in Real Estate at 35%, over RE/MAX 29%, Coldwell Banker 19%, Prudential 13% 4. Twenty-two percent of adults surveyed identified the Century 21 system as the "Most Respected in the Industry", (RE/MAX ...