Protect for your biggest investment with Title Insurance!

Below are reasons why Title Insurance Companies want you to buy Title Insurance... 

1. A one-time premium vs. fees for a Real Property Report with Compliance, fees for an Encroachment Agreement and Late Closing Interest.
2. Title insurance coverage in lieu of a Real Property Report.
3. You can also buy fraud and forgery coverage for the owner(s) of the property.
4. Coverage available for lack of building permits.
5. $50 one-time premium to cover boundary walls and fences up to $5,000.
6. Coverage for Stop Work Order Issues.
7. Coverage on Tax Issues.
8. Time - Speed = GAP coverage. Mortgage funds are advanced prior to registration of the transfer of land.
9.  Title Insurance helps to meet the lender's requirements.
10. As well, existing problems with a title (known encroachments, etc) can be directed to the Title Insurance Company's underwriting team who will review the problem and determine and explain what coverage is available.

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