Questions to ask a realtor in a listing presentation

Here is a list of what I feel are the essential questions you should ask a realtor in a listing presentation.


1. How many property deals have you personally closed in the last two years?

2. Do you have an assistant to help you when you are busy?

3. Are you a full time REALTOR?

4. Do you have a Contact Manager to keep track of all of the buyers that you come into contact with?

5. How will prospective buyers see my listing?

6. Do you keep up with current technology and new marketing methods?

7. Can you produce a professional flyer, customized web page, and photo tour of my property?

8. Do you have a written business plan and mission statement?

9. How often will I hear from you when my property is listed? Do you provide written feedback from all showings?

10. What can I do to help you sell my property?

11. How confident are you that you can sell my property?

12. Are you easy to contact?  If you are really busy, then how are you going to be able to keep me informed about my listing?

13. How soon will my listing appear on your websites?


Below, I've filled out my own answers to these questions.


1. I have personally closed over 130 deals in the past two years.

2. Yes, I have a few actually.  I have two Virtual Assistants that are always at their desks.  One focuses on pulling titles, tax information, registrations, and corporate searches.  The other completes computer tasks, manages scheduling, uploads listings, etc.  I then share two admin assistants with Gary Chambers, who manage our office, look after the conveyancing and sales support once the waiver is signed.  I also have a team member focused on building and placing signs in a visible location with a custom URL of your listing.

3. Yes, I definitely work more than 60 hours a week with Century 21 Real Estate work.  I also manage some other investments in my spare time, but my main focus and passion is Real Estate.

4. Since 1999, I've been keeping track of every serious lead that I am in contact with.  I currently have over 6,800 contacts in my Blackberry that I am constantly updating and keeping track of.

5. We start with a large visible sign with a custom URL ie. allowing people to access the listing 24/7 from their Blackberry, iPhone, laptop, or home computer.  We then take over 20 photos of your property and display the features of the property online.  We acquire as many details about the property as we can, and include them in the listing.  We've found that the key to selling property is to get this info upfront.

6. I would say that is my specialty.  I'm the one often training my colleagues and competitors in today's new technology, listing websites, and search engine optimization to make sure that my listings receive maximum exposure, and inquiries are responded to ASAP.

7. Yes, within seconds.  Our custom templates allow us to make updated brochures within seconds.  I'd be happy to provide you with some if you would like to hand them out.

8. Yes, and I'm happy to go over it with you.

9. I will be in contact with you often.  Most of my clients prefer email contact, and it works well for me.  I normally attempt to keep my phone available during the day for clients calling in requesting information on properties such as yours.  At night, I sit down and email all of the sellers updates on their property.  This ensures that your property is getting maximum exposure, and that you have a written record of our contact with buyers.

10. You can assist with selling the property by constantly working to keep it clean, tidy, and improving the condition of the property.  Buyers like to buy distressed looking properties because they feel they can buy them for distressed prices.  The more you fix up your property with affordable fixes, the more you strengthen the asking price.

11. I am very confident that I can sell your property.  I've had over 10 years of experience selling property, and if a property is priced right for the current market, it will sell very quickly.

12. Yes, I am very easy to contact.  I have easy phone numbers 403.324.2222 cell, 403.823.2222 office, 403.324.1111 fax, and is my email address.  My voicemail, faxes, and email come into one unified inbox, which allows me to respond to calls as soon as I am out of meetings.  I do not subscribe to call waiting, and as a rule I do not answer calls during client meetings, so I can give all clients the utmost attention they deserve.  As well, we have to ensure buyer's calls are returned within 10-25 minutes so we don't lose their focus on your property.

13. Your listing will appear on my websites within 24 hours of having the listing signed, provided we have all of the information we need to input the listing.  My team is normally starting to compile all tax, title, LINC, caveats, etc., on your property from the moment we get the first phone call.  So yes, the process goes very quickly.

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