Setting aside your emotions when selling your home

Let's face it. Most of us have strong emotional connections to our homes. It's where our kids grew up. It's where we spent time with friends and family. It's where we went to relax and unwind.  So it can be difficult to let go of those emotions when you put your house up for sale.  But it's important that you do.  Why? To sell your property quickly, and for the best possible price, you need to think of it as objectively as possible - as a product.

That mindset is especially important when potential buyers view your home.   It is your REALTOR® job to let you know what people are saying about your home.  The majority will be polite, but a few will be candid about what they like - and don't like - about your property.  Buyers may dislike the living room color that you worked so hard to select and paint. This is actually a good sign because buyers who make these types of comments are usually the ones who end up making an offer. If a buyer isn't considering your home they will have such comments as "it's not right for me, it's just too small, I don't like the layout."  These are things that you can't change and neither could they.  However feedback that includes things that can be changed by you or them make your home a potential property for them.  If there is a pattern to the feedback that you're hearing about your property, you can use this information to your advantage. For example, if enough people comment that a room seems dark and gloomy you can eliminate the problem by installing light bulbs with a higher wattage.  Perhaps making a few changes over a weekend may be all it takes to bring pen to paper.  When your REALTOR® gives you this kind of feedback on your home have them see if the potential buyers would be interested in a second viewing because you were planning on doing that this weekend. 

Conversely, if buyers love your spacious kitchen, then you and your REALTOR® can make sure this selling feature is highlighted prominently in the promotional materials.

Always keep in mind that your real home is your next home.  The property you're selling is a product.

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