Ten Reasons We Love Living In YYC!

www.visitcalgar.comIt is no surprise to us Calgarians why Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada! But to others who are not as familiar with this great city, here are some of our favourite things about Calgary:

1). Wide Open Spaces! Calgary is known to have loads of inner city green space in comparison to many cities! Every community contains beautiful walking paths, parks for playing, and trees that look absolutely gorgeous in the summertime! How lucky are we to live in a city that values more than simply concrete and buildings?

2). Community Support! So many of the different communities in Calgary take part in things such as the city’s ‘Snow Angel’ campaign, and how wonderful was it to see everyone pull together during last years flooding? We work as a team here in Calgary, willing to go the extra mile to help out our neighbors.

3). Recreation Galore! Whether you like canoeing the bow river, running with others along the beautiful community trails, or any of the other numerous recreational activities, Calgary has everything you could ever possibly need! As a city that focuses on the outdoors and getting active, Calgary is full of ways you can enjoy the city while doing something you love! What other city offers snowboarding and skiing right in town?

4). Cultural Mosaic! Calgary is home to people from all different places around the world, and each one of them is welcomed and accepted with open arms! Calgary makes you feel at home and part of its culture, while at the same time recognizing and celebrating the other cultures that add to Calgary’s thriving communities! Every year, we have festivals where we can sample the food, dances, crafts, and more from all over the world!

5). The Stampede! Calgary is known all around the world for its summer Stampede! You can have the true cowboy experience when you go down to the Stampede grounds, and it’s always so fun to celebrate our city’s rich heritage with corndogs and Superdogs!

6). Oil and Gas Industry! Because Calgary is the center for Oil and Gas, there are plenty of job opportunities and ways to be part of a world-renowned industry!

7). Schooling! The Calgary Board of Education has ensured that students all across Calgary, in every community, are getting the best education possible! There is always a school close by for your child to learn at and grow at. We also are home to three major Universities, so your kids don’t have to move far from home to get a fantastic post-secondary education!

8). The Flames! Sure, they haven’t done a lot since their almost-win at the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004, but we still love them. Whether they’re doing well in the standings or not, going to the games and dressing up in red brings Calgary together in pride for their home team! We may not have the Cup, but we have passion! Celebrate after the game with friends along the 'Red Mile".

9). The Cleanliness! Calgary is consistently voted as one of the cleanest cities in the entire world! We are an eco friendly city that is doing its part to reduce its ecological footprint, and it is nice not to have to wade through garbage on the streets to and from your house!

10). The Smiles! Calgary is a very nice, smiley city! Just try it: walk down the street and smile at every stranger you see. Chances are they will smile back.

What’s the verdict? WE LOVE YYC! It is such a wonderful place to live, so take time to really appreciate this weekend or the next time you have some free time! There's always something fun to do!

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