The Inside Counts

Spring is a beautiful time of the year! It is the perfect transition between the harsh, cold, desolate, barren, unforgiving, brutal, chilling (can you tell we are a little bitter?) winter and the warm summer! It’s as if we are given this perfect time—when it’s not too hot but also not too cold—to say goodbye to one season and prepare ourselves for the next.

If you’re like us, you are probably itching to put away the snowsuits and mittens and pull out the shorts and the sunscreen! However, before you jump into summer head on, you need to prepare yourself! And that is exactly what spring, and this article, are going to help you do.

The first thing is to take care of your property. Check out our article, ‘Spring Surprises’ to read all about the smell of thawed dog poop in the hot sun and baby birds (trust us, it makes more sense if you just read it). That article gives you the scoop on how to clean up your front and back yard. However, right now we are going to focus on taking care of what is inside your home! Because the inside counts, right?

One major thing to be aware of is water leaks and weakened roofing. With the snow slowly beginning to melt, keep and keen eye on your walls in the ceilings to make sure nothing is leaking through into your house. Water leaks can cause brutal damage, and therefore should be avoided at all costs if possible. The other thing to look for is any place where the heavy snow may have weakened the ceiling or broken anything. Snow may be light and fluffy coming down, but sitting in icy chunks on your house it can cause serious problems. Just be mindful.

Remember to turn down the heat and turn off excess lights! Don’t open windows if your home starts to get too hot. Turn off the heat and any lights that could add to the warmth. It’s easy to forget we have heating on because we come so accustomed to it during the long winter. However, we don’t want you to waste energy or money! So be careful.

Another big thing is house cleaning: get it done now when you have motivation! Trust us, in the summertime it will be all to easy to pick reading a book on the porch over scrubbing down the house. We have some in-depth articles on how to be effective and fast while you clean, so check those out!

The most important thing is to simply be aware of the changing season and how it may affect your home. You don’t want to do anything that will harm your beautiful property, so be careful!

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