Things To Do For Under $25


A whole schwack of things to do for under $25 - there really is a lot more to the valley than meets the eye.

For those who love to eat:

1. Go out for dinner. There are plenty of diners, drive-thrus and dives in our little town. Each place is known for something different and delicious.

2. Pancake breakfasts happen every Sunday. Nacmine, East Coulee, Midland… It’s always at a different location, so make sure to check out the latest edition of The Drumheller Mail for details.

3. Visit a coffee shop or restaurant and order a coffee to go. Then take a walk down Main Street and check out the local storefronts for deals.

For those with a creative edge who need to move:

4. Take a hike. Walk around town, or take a trail blazing walk by the river with the dog and the kids!

5. Dance to your own beat with Zumba and yoga classes, open to the public at Carol Todor’s dance studio downtown.

6. Take your camera with you and take pictures of unique sights.

7. Develop your pictures and make a scrapbook to show your friends what it is that makes Drumheller so special!

8. Round and round and round you go… Walk around the Arena anytime the Drumheller Memorial Arena is open, except during Dragon’s hockey games.

9. Tai Chi is a fun way to relax. Mondays & Wednesdays  at 8 pm at the St. Anthony’s School Gymnasium.  Registration fee of $5.00.

10. Swim like a fish at the Drumheller Aquaplex. See schedule for details.

11. Go bowling!

For those who would like to bring a little culture into their lives:

12. While it may sound cliché, the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology always makes for an interesting outing. The ever “evolving” displays make for something different every time you visit.

13. Volunteer your time. Groups such as the Drumheller & District Humane Society, the Literacy Project and other organizations in the valley could always use a helping hand.

14. As well, you can always check out the Further Education guide or look for it online at and contact the Community Services department at Drumheller Town Hall for more information.

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