To Use a REALTOR or Not.......?

To hire a REALTOR or not?

Well we all know MY answer to that one....YES!

That's all I need to write.... end of blog!

But for those of you that still need to be convinced, here we go! I'm going to share 10 GREAT reasons as to why you need the expertise of a REALTOR. You will like these and they truly make sense! These reasons are from an article in the CREB Real Estate News, it was written by Bob Jablonski, CREB President.

The following are the first 5 reasons he gives, I just used my own words.

1. Only REALTORS have access to the MLS system.

This gives your house exposure that is viewed by thousands of REALTORS. As well, from there, your house could be added to any of those REALTOR's websites as a featured property. Not to mention sites like etc.

2. Protection!

 REALTORS must adhere to a code of ethics, period! These rules and regulations that are followed are in place to protect ALL parties to a real estate transaction: the seller, the buyer and the REALTOR. Plus the seller and buyer are protected by the Alberta Privacy Act, PIPA- Personal Information Protection Act.

3. Your house is marketed 24/7! 

 REALTORS use the Internet, net working, newspaper ads, showings, agent or public open houses, door knocking (well, some of us!), market strategies and numerous other techniques to market your house at any given moment of any given day!

4. Market Ease.

Through numerous sources, REALTORS have accessibility to countless market reports, stats or analysis that helps to establish a list price. Knowing the market as well as preparing a Comparative Market Analysis, REALTORS determine the best price to list at and at the best time.

5. REALTORS reach out-of-market buyers.

People relocating to the area may not have the time to search for a property that suites their needs. They may not have the knowledge on what to search in a particular range or the local markets surrounding a major city.

I'm sure you agree with the first 5 reasons! Now stay tuned for the next 5.....coming soon!

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