Top 10 Springs Cleaning Tips & Tricks

April showers bring May flowers… and cleaning. It’s that time of year again! Despite winter’s decision to haunt Alberta until the last possible minute, spring is finally here! However, it may take a little bit of elbow grease to scrub away the last remnants of winter before you can bask in the glow of spring. That’s right, it’s spring-cleaning time! In an effort to get you outside enjoying the sun as quickly as possible, we have complied a list of ten nifty tips and tricks to help you get your house and property cleaned in no time at all! Here they are:

1). Make a To-Do List: To help keep the experience as stress-free as possible, make a list of everything you need to accomplish in each specific area of your home. For example, make a list of everything you need to clean in the basement. By organizing tasks, your cleaning will become more effective, stress-free, and you’ll get the satisfaction of crossing off each chore once you have finished it! Not sure where to start? Check out this spring-cleaning list template:

2). Gather Your Supplies: There is nothing worse then being knee-deep in a project and realizing you don’t have the equipment needed to finish it. After you’ve made your list, make sure you have everything needed to accomplish all your tasks! Put all the supplies in one place for easy access, put on your rubber gloves, and get started!

3). Don’t Rush: Set aside an entire day to cleaning, or a weekend if you need the time. Don’t rush spring-cleaning! It will only make it more stressful for everyone involved, and chances are you won’t do nearly as good of a job. Take your time: it will be worth it in the end.

4). Enlist Help: Don’t hog all the spring-cleaning fun! Get your family involved! Chances are the promise of ice cream of will get them off the couch and helping out. The more the merrier (and the faster it will be finished).

5). Put On Music: It’s a proven fact that people work more quickly, effectively, and happily when they are listening to their favorite upbeat music. Make a playlist of songs that will keep you singing, dancing, and cleaning until your property is spotless!

6). The Three Garbage Bags Rule: One important aspect of spring cleaning that people tend to forget is that it is a wonderful opportunity to de-clutter your house! Think of it this way: the more you de-clutter, the less there is to clean! So, start three garbage bags: throw away, give away, and recycle. Rather then simply throw away everything you no longer need, if it’s still in good shape, donate it to somewhere like the Salvation Army or Value Village. And, of course, recycle as much as you can!

7). Seasonal Turnover: Invest in a storage space, or if you have room in your house, some storage bins, to hold all your seasonal clothes and decorations. Put away the mittens and fake poinsettias! It’s time for shorts and a summery palette! This is an excellent way to aid your de-cluttering efforts, while simultaneously ushering in a season of warm weather and sunshine!

8). Don’t Take Long Breaks: It’s important to take short breaks to rehydrate and refuel, but don’t take too long or you risk losing your momentum. Spring cleaning is not something that should be procrastinated. Stay in the zone and get it accomplished!

9). Cleaning Magic: What are some unique cleaning supplies you may have never heard of? Lemons are a great way to remove water residue. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda is great for cleaning stove burners and BBQ’s. Coca Cola is basically the world’s most undermined drink. It can clear stains from windows, clothing, garage floors, carpets, toilets-you name it, Coke will un-stain it. It also can help remove rust from objects!

10). Reward yourself: After a long day of cleaning, you deserve a reward! In fact, it is actually proven that the promise of a reward makes people work harder and faster! Go see a movie, order in pizza, throw a post-house-cleaning-house-warming party, make some lemonade and lie out on the deck—do something to reward yourself! You’ve earned it.

Hopefully these ten tips and tricks help to make your spring-cleaning endeavors less daunting then they normally are! It is such a great way to maintain your home, especially if you are planning on selling it one day. Just think about how wonderful it will be to have it finished!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

By: Alexandra Holden

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