Warm Treats for a Great First Impression

This is it. Your chance to make a BIG impression. Several initial factors stand in your way: proximity of your house to desirable locations, the surrounding neighborhood, preconceived notions, and the aesthetics of your property.

However, if your buyers’ real estate agent is able to pull them through all of these areas—whether with ease or difficulty—then you’ve got a chance. Now it’s up to your house to blow away buyers' expectations, making them fall wildly in love with it!

You can aid the ‘love at first sight’ process by doing three things:
1). Own a nice property to begin with.
2). Make your beautiful property look the best it can (Pssst… that’s what staging is for).
3). Be the only house on the block who has open house treats that are just as amazing as the home they were made in.

So, what are some treats to put the cherry on top of the perfect open house? Here are some tasty (and warm!) ideas:

Cinnamon Apple Chips! Looking for a healthy treat for you guests? Try making Cinnamon Apple Chips! All you do is slice apples horizontally in thin strips and roll them in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Put them on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven until they dry out and harden, then stick them in little bags available for guests to snack on as they discover everything your home has to offer!

Hot Chocolate And Stir Sticks! With the cold February air making buyers run from their vehicles to the front door, have a hot drink waiting to greet them! Hot chocolate is easy to make in batches, ready with plastic cups and lids they can use as they tour your home. Want to add an extra touch? Dip plastic spoons in melted white chocolate and then roll them in peppermint flakes! Put them in the freezer and they become wonderful stir sticks with some Christmasy flavor (Christmas is only over when we say it is, okay?)!

Sugar Cookies! Find a sugar cookie cutter at your local craft store and make mini houses! Take it a step further and write ‘welcome’ on each one with icing. It’s cute and is sure to make buyers smile. Plus, these are perfect to have set out on a platter next to the hot chocolate!

Make a great first impression with these warm treats, sure to give buyers the sugar buzz they need to offer you a very sweet deal on your home.

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