When is the RIGHT time to sell your house........?

Most of us home owners do it.......some every 3 to 5 years.......very rarely do we stay......

We sell our home.

But when is the right time to sell your home? We sell for numerous reasons, sometimes to up size, to down size or to sell an investment. Perhaps you are being relocated? Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure, we want the quickest sale possible and the highest price possible!

Choosing the right time to sell involves considering some factors.

  • What season are you in?

People generally like to move in the spring or summer. The weather is better which makes for an easier move. This is why more people are out looking for a house to purchase at this time of year. If you are a seller, you will have a larger volume of buyers considering a purchase which can result in a quicker sale.

Many people with school age children (who live by the school calender!) choose this time of year to purchase. Would your house be ideal for a family with children? Consider what your location has to offer.

  • Are you near parks?
  • Open areas for children?
  • Are you near schools?
  • Do you have an amazing yard to showcase? 

Fall and winter moves can be more difficult especially when the weather doesn't cooperate! But people also need to buy in the winter. There may be more serious buyers out there looking in the cold! The people out looking are fewer so you may have to be patient but the competion for houses available on the market is slimmer, perhaps this is the oppurtunity for the seller to get more value.

  • What is the Market trending?

Are you in a Buyer's market? Buyer's tend to have the upper hand due to the surplus of houses on the market. But the sale of your house could be quick, if that's what you are looking for!

Are you in a Seller's market? Prices here could be strong with less competition on the market. However, a seller may have to be patient.

Due to so many factors, the RIGHT time to buy is not the same for everyone. But there is a time when you have to sell!

You need to consider all the factors and play up on what your house has to offer at that time.

  • What are the best features to showcase?
  • Is the inside a better focus or the outside?
  • What does your location have to offer?

Whatever your features, while you are listed, BE BUYER READY!



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