Why Spring is a Good time to List Your Home!

Snow starts to melt, days are getting longer, songs of birds fill the air. The end of winter is upon us. Here are a few reasons why spring is a premium time to list your home.

1. BUYER'S COME OUT IN SPRING With the weather is warming up, it is natural for  people to come out in Spring to enjoy the sunshine. Spring is a time of renewal therefore we typically feel refreshed and relieved Winter is over. A majority of home owners want to sell or buy a home before summer hits. Allowing new home owners to enjoy  summer in new homes. Additionally, the nice weather brings out more traffic at open houses.

2. HOME IS MORE INVITING Your home looks fresh with green grass is growing, and bright flowers are blooming. Your home has inviting curb appeal instead of brown grass dead leaves, and snow.

3.RECOVERING FROM HOLIDAY EXPENSES The holidays cause stress on the wallet and mind. Spring is a time for rejuvenation and fresh new starts.

4. LOW INTEREST RATES  Interest rates are historically low, producing more buying power. When rates start to increase it will reduce the number of potential buyers because of the additional cost.

5. SELL FASTER Your home will sell fast in a spring market when priced correctly. As seen from above there are more buyers during this time.

6. CONDITIONS This item is seems to be left off the table when listing  a home. Fewer conditions make for a smoother transition. On the flip side when buying a new home make sure you come in with a strong offer, and have your financing in place because the seller will have more chooses when it comes to offers in the spring time.

Good luck - If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime!

Martin Darknell
Century21 PowerRealty.ca


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