Winter Home Maintenance

The wintertime is a harsh and unforgiving season, waiting desperately at the edge of fall to swoop in and make home maintenance much more difficult than it should be. Whether you are in a brand new home or an older edition, you are going to have some winter maintenance to do in order to keep your home in pristine condition. Everyone to ever live in your home will thank you. Here are some common home maintenance tips that you should be aware of for this Christmas Season:

1). Water Damage: The snow may be thick and icy now, but in spring it will melt. If you have any outdoor storage, whether it’s in a garage or shed, make sure it is sealed away in something that will protect it from possible water damage!

2). Roof Caving: If any part of your roof is flat, make sure that you are constantly ridding it of snow buildup. It may be light and fluffy falling down, but snow becomes very heavy when it sits in blocks on your roof. It can even cause roof cave-ins!

3). Plant Protection: Insert wooden spikes in the ground around your garden before snowfall to help guide your shoveling! You don’t want your hard work in gardening all summer to go to waste because you have accidently shoveled it away.

4). Shovel: Stock up on shovels to use during the winter! Note: there are special ones for surfaces such as wooden decks that you don’t want to scratch. It is illegal to not clear the sidewalk in front of your home, so make sure you are prepared to do so!

For more information, ask your real estate agent! They know loads about homes and will be able to give you some wonderful tips and resources! Keep your property in good condition and come spring, clean up will be a breeze.

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