Work/Life Balance..........

We hear it often..... I work too much! We never go anywhere? We don't have time for anything? Everyone else seems to be able to do what they want! Why am I the one struggling?

Work/Life balance........people talk about it, people want it, people complain about it but how does anyone achieve it?

The first step is really the choice, you have to decide that your life needs balance. Most of us know we need more balance in our lives but most of us continue on the same path. Once you have decided that you need to make changes in your life the next step is the hardest!


This is where the road block comes. Making changes in the way you live does not have to be earth shattering or complicated. The key is making small adjustments as you go! How easy is that? 

For me, making small changes are important because when does real estate stop, never! Like me, many of us are tied to our cell phones. When I am out with a client, I leave my phone on vibrate to give my full attention to them. I usually get 2 or 3 messages so before I go home for the evening, I stop somewhere and return the messages. Fifteen minutes late but I'm DONE!

This is easier then going home to return calls while my children are happily yelling, MOMMY, MOMMY you're home!! It goes the other way too, if I'm playing with my children, all I need to do is glance at my phone when it rings to see if it's something pressing. If not, I return the messages in an hour.

If you need to clean or de-clutter your home or a room, start small. Clean or tidy one or two things. For example dusting or vacuuming or removing the pile of clutter on the table. Then the next day do one or two more. This way it does not have to be overwhelming! Who has 5 hours to spare to do it at once? That's why you leave it right?

People often say to be spontaneous, to seize the moment! For some of us that's a hard thing to do. However, it is true but being spontaneous does not have to be difficult. It can be as easy as taking sometime to play in the snow with your kids when we get a dump of it in APRIL! Even if you only have an hour to spend outside, you will all enjoy it!

Try to keep an open mind!

If you can not be spontaneous, you may have to book the time. That could be as little as an hour a week to start! Pick the time and day a week in advance. Chances are that something will come up and you can easily fit it into the time allotted! If nothing comes up, use the time to relax, we can all use an hour with nothing to do!

The point I think is simple, keep it simple!

Making small changes to start and adding more as you can. Again it does not have to be dramatic because that's scary and most of us are too busy to make BIG changes.

Start by making a small change this week to achieve work/life balance!!




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