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Corner Brook, NL

Corner Brook is the only city located on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. There are 20,000 residents within the city. The immediate surrounding areas add another 20,000 residents who travel to Corner Brook for work, recreation, or services. Corner Brook acts as the major business service centre for the area, the west coast of the island of Newfoundland, and the south coast of Labrador. Therefore, despite being a small city, Corner Brook can offer you a wide range  of opportunities.

Corner Brook’s four season destination has so much to offer for both the business and leisure traveler that you will soon be planning your return visit. Our city and area is just brimming with history and culture. Our outdoor activities offer an exceptional experience for both the beginner and avid outdoor enthusiast. 



Local Attractions

Museums, Historic Sites, and Attractions

The Corner Brook area is steeped with a rich history that includes the fishery, railway, and pulp and paper industries.  Our historic sites and attractions will share stories of pirates, explorers such as Captain James Cook, and the interesting people who lived here and helped shaped this area.  Close your eyes, journey back in time, and immerse yourself in our will be surprised at what you may discover.

Downtown Corner Brook

Be sure to visit Corner Brook’s downtown area! Downtown Corner Brook has over 4 kms (2.5 miles) of beautiful red interlocking brick sidewalks, heritage lights, and green spaces to make your experience a memorable one!  While visiting our downtown shops and galleries, look for marble inscriptions that provide a history of the unique heritage buildings.

West Street and Broadway are the two main streets which make up the downtown area. West Street was designed by landscape architect Thomas Adams in the Garden City Movement style.  West Street houses everything from professional services such as doctors, lawyers, and dentists to boutiques, pubs, restaurants, and more.  Enjoy visiting the shops located in period buildings designed by renowned architect Andrew Cobb.  
Broadway was the first shopping district in Corner Brook.   Many of the businesses were built in the 1930's and offer the unique experience of shopping in family-owned businesses as in years gone by.  Enjoy the ambience of the local flavour as you enjoy the pubs, restaurants, boutiques, and retail outlets Broadway has to offer.

Captain James Cook National Historic Site
Crow Hill, Atlantic Avenue
In 1767, the famous British explorer and cartographer Captain James Cook surveyed the Bay of Islands and was the first to map the area.  The Captain James Cook Monument is a National Historic Site displaying copies of the charts mapped by Captain Cook.  This site is easily accessible by car and offers a vantage point for a breathtaking view of the Bay of Islands.

Corner Brook Museum and Archives
2 West Street

Journey through time with a visit to the Corner Brook Museum.  Built in 1926, this registered heritage building once housed a post office, customs office, telegraph office, and courtroom.  Exhibits on display at the museum depict the social, cultural, and natural history of Corner Brook and the Humber Valley/Bay of Islands region.  Exhibits include History of Corner Brook, Pulp and Paper, Aboriginal, Military, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, and more. 709-634-2518 
Heritage Tree 
Exit 8 - Trans Canada Highway, Steady Brook

Sixty scenes from Newfoundland and Labrador’s history are carved into this 17m (55 feet), 360 year old cedar tree located at the entrance to Marble Mountain.

Man in the Mountain
Exit 7 – Trans Canada Highway, Riverside Drive
According to local legend, the Spanish buried a treasure on Shellbird Island in the Humber River.  If you look closely, you will see the face of an old man in a rock formation overlooking the island.  “The Old Man in the Mountain” is said to be a marker for the treasure.  This is best viewed from the rest area at the exit.  An information board will help you find the “Old Man”.

Newfoundland Hockey Hall of Fame
1 Canada Games Place, Third floor, Pepsi Centre
The Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame pays tribute to individuals who contributed to the rich history of the game in our province.  See exhibits honouring players from Newfoundland and Labrador who have made it to the National Hockey League and the now defunct World Hockey Association.  Photos and biographies of all Hall of Fame members are also displayed.  709-634-5455

Railway Society of Newfoundland Historic Train Site
Riverside Drive at Station Road

The Historic Train Site features rolling stock, trackage, freight and shed.  Artifacts also include telegraph instruments, train order sophomore signal board, train orders, phones and a collection of historic photos. Steam engine locomotive No. 543, working diesel locomotive No. 931, and other train cars can be visited.

Community Events

Visit for events happening in Corner Brook.

Parks & Recreation


Residents and visitors of Corner Brook have access to an array of multi-seasonal, active and passive leisure opportunities.  With a focus upon active and healthy living, the City of Corner Brook enjoys a reputation for volunteerism, a multitude of festivals and cultural events, national and international sporting competitions, quality facilities, a vibrant performing arts community and a playful and relaxed attitude.

Some of our key assets that enhance quality of life and promote active, healthy lifestyles include: 
• Modern children’s playgrounds
• A wide variety of sport fields and outdoor courts
• A world class walking trail system
• Bicycling opportunities with an active transport focus
• Neighborhood and regional parks
• Green spaces
• An array of indoor sport facilities including gymnastics, ice arenas, swimming pools and theatres

Within the City of Corner Brook, the Leisure Services division offers direct and facilitated recreation and leisure programming, services, and events. We are involved in community development, local and regional community events, and recreation facility development. We coordinate the booking and scheduling of our outdoor athletic fields, parks, open spaces, and related facilities.