You are not in the hospital anymore

When I first got into selling real estate I was scared.   Not just nervous.  Downright scared.   For 15 years I had been an RN, helping the sick and injured.   It had been an emotionally fulfilling career in a lot of ways.  Now I was moving on to something completely different.  I had my first taste of what a big leap I had taken when I sat at my first open house about a week after I started at Century 21.  When the first people walked through the door I quickly found out I wasn't at the triage desk of the ER anymore.  When you are the front line person in the ER people respect you.  They wait hours sometimes to see you and when they finally get to sit in your chair and tell the story of how long they have been ill or how they became injured they NEED you.  As the triage nurse I never had to earn people's respect or prove I knew what I was doing.  They automatically trusted and respected me. 

What I learned was that the people coming to the open house didn't "automatically" need my services.   They didn't "automatically" respect me.   In fact I was doing the opposite of what I had known for 15 years.  I was WORKING to earn trust and respect, and WORKING to show that I was a darn good agent and that I knew what I was doing.  Didn't these people know I had just spent 3 months getting up at the crack of dawn, getting 3 kids out the door to school and one to the dayhome then rushing into Calgary to learn everything there was to know about real estate in Alberta?  Didn't they know that I would come home everyday to 4 children who needed help with their homework, needed to be fed, needed to get to hockey and piano and skating and guitar and birthday parties and doctor/dentist appointments?  Then when finally everyone would go to bed at night I would then start to study for the many exams that came along with the intense and compacted course?  I had worked hard people!  And I had gotten excellent marks on all of my exams and never once did I have to rewrite an exam. 

Of course they didn't know these thing.  It was now my job to start earning people's respect.  And so I did.  And the rest is history.  So don't despair new agents, work hard and the best is yet to come.

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