C21 Canada Price Per Square Foot Survey 2019

CENTURY 21 Canada
Price Per Square Foot Survey 2019

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How the information was gathered by CENTURY 21 Canada

CENTURY 21 franchisees were asked to help come up with the average price-per-square-foot in their market. However, calculating a precise number is not an exact science as every office and province tracks statistics slightly differently. As a result, some have used either the average or benchmark prices (depending on the market) and tracked average square footage in sales from January 1- June 30, 2019. The price-per-square-foot was calculated from those numbers. Each franchisee has confirmed that that the numbers provided are an accurate representation of their market.

**2018 data for Calgary has been recalculated to better align with the data provided for other communities, and therefore the figures reported in this release differ moderately from those issued last year.

Press Releases

2019 Survey Results

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