3 Email Marketing Essentials for Real Estate Professionals

Are you doing all you can when it comes to email marketing, yet no results? You may be missing a few essentials to bag success? And if you are thinking about starting email marketing now or looking for best practices continue reading to learn it from a tried and tested approach.

In email marketing it is all about planning, reaching out to the audience and follow up, also when you are planning to send  out an e-newsletter, or if you initiate a marketing campaign it is very important to follow the following few steps.

In real estate its all about building a great rapport with your customer. Bulk emails you may reach out but they are no good to deliver a targeted agenda:

1. Content : It is not only about selling when you are promoting a email marketing campaign it should elaborate the value for the customer. So always weave your content around “How would this benefit the contact?” as all your consumers are looking for is real value. Add as many visuals as possible and keep the design simple and clean. Proof read several times before you are ready to send the email as often grammatical errors or subscribe to a credible real estate CRM. Include effective call to action (CTA) do not use jargons keep it as simple as “click to know more.”

2. Email : Real estate professionals often do not even try a email marketing strategy  as they believe mass emailing is more effective than a structured campaign. Focused to a target or personalized campaigns deliver results also marketing plans and templates, can be customised and can help track what works and what does not and tweak changes to gain best results. Creating groups is very important when sending emails as this will help to personalise to a specific audience as well as keep the content relevant specifically to them.

3. Reports : Without results there is no way one can track the success or failure of a campaign. Along with how many people opened the email, known as the (click through rate) or who did not open the email; (bounce rate) also the time spent can be viewed. The most important benefit of a email campaign is if you use effective subject lines they work and campaign reports are the best way to measure the first few trial and error initiatives.

If you are a newbie to real estate email marketing it is just starting out, can help to boost  your communication channels, generate new leads, convert leads into clients, engage in long term relationships, and if followed up appropriately get more referrals and repeat business.

Do let us know your feedback? Feel free to share your comments or suggestions. While you’re here, don’t forget to view homes for sale and new listings on Century21President  

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