3 Tips for Moving Home After Graduation

moving home tips after graduation

Moving back home can be stressful if you think it to be; so make sure you have a clear mindset especially because you are transitioning from a student into a professional soon. This move is easy if you have some help. Seek assistance from your parents if needed contact your friends from school too. Surviving after moving from a cozy dorm room with food across the street may seem the worst decision; but the reality is if you use the tips below survival after moving home after graduation will be less stressful. 

Timetable: Be honest to yourself and chalk out a schedule. If you are looking to return to school for Fall make open ended plans and accordingly structure all the expectations while living at home with your siblings and parents. Once you stay on track with all the commitments allocating time will be easy and will allow room for more improvements. This also means you should allocate some time for family activities once you have settled in 


Rules: Living on your own may include living on your own terms and making last minute plans without taking any permissions into consideration. However now that you are living with the family if you have any plans discuss them in advance and keeping your room clean will be a everyday practice if you are not in the habit. Make sure to communicate with your parents and siblings about inviting friends home and any ground rules they would want you to set.

Lifestyle: Suddenly, you will receive home-cooked food and have access to fancy appliances. Take a moment to acknowledge the cushy lifestyle, as well as enjoy the perks; but make sure to contribute as well. Help your mom make dinner for the family once a week. Do the laundry (using washers and dryers that don’t require quarters, amazing!) and dishes. If you are taking up work while at home, bring some groceries home. You’re not just their kid; look at this a prospective roommate opportunity if you do not have any long term moving plans in place.

Moving back home may be a bit of a dive. On the bright side, you can rekindle with your buddies have long conversations, and de-stress more. Why is this so important achieving your dreams means you have to take a leap from the comforts of your bedroom and moving home is just a really small transition.  While there are many other concerns that may haunt you the first couple of days back home; but finally home is where the heart is and once you settle in the grass will seem green from all angles. 

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