4 Pet Friendly locations in Toronto

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With more and more young professionals moving in Toronto in search of an affluent lifestyle. The next raging question that is most asked is how friendly is the neighbourhood for little Fido or Mia? Along with a husting city life more and more young professional heading towards Toronto demand pet friendly neighbourhoods both cat and dog.

Surprising yet true after finding a spacious home, easy to commute mostly in a condominium  today pet friendly atmosphere is the top search criteria. Fortunately understanding the soaring trend condos in Toronto have provisions available at a minimal fee which seems to encourage win- win for all.

While there are a few rules that have to be adhered  Toronto is very laid back and welcoming when it comes to accommodate a pet friendly atmosphere. To simplify the rigours search and stress read on a top five neighbourhoods that will be just perfect.


Treasuring the best of both worlds this neighbourhood is the perfect blend of a cultural heritage yet vibrant with young professionals and spacious parks at walking distance. If you like company then weekends and evenings is the best time to head towards the parks as all pet owners gather to pamper their pooches.  

High Park

Although a close knit neighbourhood with mostly large family homes and minimal condos this location has park in its name which undoubtedly says it all. Yet another perk High Park has in store is a designated park only for dogs with a maintained off leash trail and enclosed with fences to give you some alone fun time with your buddy.

The Beaches

Water can be more fun for many dog’s if you like to spoil your buddy this is the place for you. The Beaches has it all a separate area to leave your little buddy off leash at the same time enjoy a dip in Lake Ontario if needed all thanks to the Beaches Dog Association.

Fort York

This is a big kept secret about this location. If you are a first time visitor then you will be mesmerised by the flamboyant heritage buildings, but the new condos have it all. If you are dog lover a spacious green patch along the lake Ontario is the best way  to pamper your buddy. Fort York is amazing as it has the provision for your dog to play in a park as well as enjoy a dip in the water on a warm summer day.

Although there are many more ideal neighbourhoods welcoming pets we recommend only the best.  Century21 can help you further once you are sure about the dream home view all the gorgeous homes in a click.

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