5 Amazing Seasonal Home Staging Quick Sale Tips

Selling a home quickly can be challenging depending on the season? May sound weird but this is true. External appearance of the house is as important as the interior decorating especially when you are planning to sell quick.

One of the booming trends in reference is seasonal staging? Why always home staging is important appropriately the answer is simple in winter you have to keep a check on the piled snow to ensure your house can be compared to the winter wonderland ambience and in summer its about keeping the lawn mowed down to avoid the graveyard feel of Halloween.  

Although making a house a home is all about personalisation but keeping it simple is essential too as potential buyers like to connect themselves with the house and often the instant vibe can be real deal maker or breaker for many.  In simple words I know we all love collecting vintage decorations for our home but think twice about hanging on to them when you decide to sell as the rule less is more is key in bagging a quick sale.

Home staging tips to make sure you don’t just decorate your home, but make it ready to sell like hot cakes. Organising everything keeping in mind less is more important as this will not only help in structuring a de-cluttered approach but a clear message to the potential buyers that the property is on a quick sale.  

The biggest deal maker is how does the house look visually? Does it have the wow factor if not try and cultivate a hook as potential buyers are always looking for something specific. Make sure your garage is clean and painted if necessary use incense sticks or room freshers as along with a visual appeal aromas matter to a few potential buyers.

 5 General Home Staging Tips:

  • There is no compromise to cleanliness, keep your home as organised as possible especially kitchen, bathrooms and the dining table.

  • Make sure to personalise shed the family portraits and souvenirs.

  • Fix all the hanging light fixtures, worn out door knobs, closet shelves.

  • Overlay a well stocked rack of towels add candles for a plush touch.

  • Dust can be a real trouble maker for windows and doors make sure you wipe things down.  

Don’t forget to leave us a comment or your personal take on home staging or some of the tips that have worked for you. Be sure to view new listings updated here.


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